A confused woman, representing a question should you help your movers?

Should you help your movers?

When it comes to hiring movers for your relocation, that may be the smartest approach you can take. Sure, it costs money, but the benefits that come with professional help are worth every cent. Nevertheless, you might ask yourself – should you help your movers? Even though they are hired to do all the heavy lifting, you might feel that you need to help as much as you can.

The goal of this article is to show you when you should, and when you should not help out. Let’s begin!

Important things to know

I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional moving company. Relocation will go smooth and quick. When you hire movers, you should be aware of all the benefits they bring to the table:

  • professional, trained employees
  • quick and quality service
  • additional services, like storage units, shipping assistance, vehicle renting, etc.
  • movers remove stress from the picture
  • they always deliver on time

It is also crucial to understand that movers have a working system. They know exactly what needs to be done, and in what way. With that in mind, if you do decide to help them, it should be done in a proper way. The goal is to do everything as quickly as possible but keeping the quality of the service on a high level. Do not be in their way, and create an even bigger project for them.

A drawing of a hand sticking out of a box, holding a lightbulb.

There is a number of great ideas that should help you assist your movers with relocation.

Furthermore, movers are responsible for packing your belongings. Helping them in this process is not always advised. If you pack some of your stuff before they arrive, that might be below their standards. In the end, there might even be an issue if some of the stuff gets damaged. 

With all that has been said, how can you help your movers without being in the way?

Prepare appliances

The first thing you can do to make things easier for your movers is to prepare appliances. That means, unplug all the cables, clean everything that needs to be cleaned. If you have original packaging, have it close by, they might want to use it. Leaving that for the moving day might create delays. Furthermore, if you feel that you are behind schedule, you might try to do it quicker, and end up damaging TV, or something else.

Also, if there is anything that needs to be disassembled, also do it before they arrive. Not only will you save time, but you will also release them from the duty of trying to figure out how it’s done.

Disassemble furniture and other belongings

Whether it is for relocation or for storing your antique furniture and other items, it is crucial to disassemble them before movers arrive. Some people decide to hire professionals for that as well, but it can be done from your end if you want.

Also, if you have other items, like a bicycle, make sure to prepare it for the move. If you don’t have any other means of transportation, you can simply disassemble it, and then assemble after the move.

A drawing of people climbing a mountain by holding hands together.

If you join forces with your movers, the entire relocation will be quick and smooth.

Remove everything from the wall

Another way to help your movers is to remove everything from walls. If you have paintings or other accessories, it would be smart to take them off gradually. You don’t have to do that all in one day. It is also smart to start making piles, for easier packing. Group all paintings in one spot.

Preparing the bedroom

Packing your bedroom can be a tedious job. Furthermore, that is a private place. With that in mind, remove all of your personal belongings, fold the sheets, and strip your mattresses. Your movers will appreciate it if everything is ready for packing.

Clean the refrigerator

Moving a refrigerator can be simple if you do the right steps. First of all, remove all the food. Then, defrost the fridge, and clean it thoroughly. All refrigerators have compartments inside. You can take them out, and also remove any glass panels that may slide. It is possible that those parts get damaged during the move, so it is smart to let the movers pack them separately. Finally, you can tape the fridge door, or it might get open during a bumpy ride.

Preparing the cabinetry

You can apply the same principle to your cabinetry. After you empty everything out, clean it, and tape all the doors. That is the best way to protect drawers, closets, and anything else that may open during the ride. You can also break down all shelves by removing pannels and disassembling them.

A shelve filled with books and figurines.

When the moving day comes, it is not smart to have all of your books and items on shelves. Better remove them upfront.

What to do with a lawnmower or a blower?

If you have a lawnmower or a blower, remember to clean them and drain all the gasoline. Movers cannot transport gas, because that is a safety hazard. Another thing you can do is remove all movable or sharp parts. A lawnmower is not shaped for packing, so you should do everything you can to make that process easier.

Categorize your belongings

When movers arrive, your belongings should already be prepared for packing. While they can help you pack everything, they should not organize your stuff. For that reason, it is better to have all of your items organized and grouped. That way, movers can start packing right away.

A no-touch area

Another reason why the movers shouldn’t organize your belongings for packing is that they don’t know what you want packed. You must have some personal belongings or some stuff that will go with you in the car. That is why it is good to have a dedicated area in the house where you can move everything that should not be packed by movers.

If they have to ask you every five minutes whether they should pack something or not, the entire process can stretch out for a long time.

Movers will appreciate your help

I hope that this article solves the puzzle of whether you should help your movers or not. It is positive that they will appreciate all the help they can get. Ultimately, the goal is to finish relocation as quickly as possible, and without any errors or mistakes. Just follow these simple pieces of advice, and you should be good to go. Good luck!


Moving insurance in Canada - FAQ (3)

Moving Insurance in Canada – what you need to know

Moving house can be very expensive. And if you are buying a new house at the same time, you probably don’t want any additional costs. Wondering whether or not you should opt for moving insurance is a natural thing to do. To make the decision, you need to know all the details about it, so you are aware of its benefits, but also its costs. Here’s everything you need to know about moving insurance in Canada.

Do I really need moving insurance?

Well, depending on how important your items are, moving insurance can be very helpful if anything happens. And accidents do happen, even to the best moving companies. That’s why is much better to be secure and take the insurance if you can afford it at the moment of the move. This way, you’ll make sure that your belongings are protected during transport, and in case any damage happens, it will be covered by the insurance company. So, to protect your moving budget, invest a bit more into the moving insurance and have one less of all the moving headaches.

a broken plate is covered by moving insurance in Canada

a broken plate is covered by moving insurance in Canada

What are my options when it comes to moving insurance in Canada?

There are generally three options to choose from when we talk about moving insurance in Canada. Depending on the value of your items and your budget, you can pick the most suitable solution.

Option one: released liability

The most affordable (actually, free of charge) option is the one that is already included in the moving services you pay. The released value protection type of moving insurance gives you a certain amount of compensation, not the whole sum. Actually, they will pay $0.60 per pound for items, which is not covering the full market value of your belongings. It is based on the weight of the product, which can be a lot less than the product’s value. Also, the sum is even lower when the move is local – $0.30 per pound.

Option two: Full-Value Protection

Full-value protection is a lot different from the previous option in many ways. Firstly, this type of moving insurance in Canada protects the full value of your items, which means that you can get the exact amount of money as the real value of the lost/broken item. Also, there are other solutions, too – your item can be fixed, or substituted with the exact/similar one. The cost of this insurance runs from $8-12 per pound.

Option three – third party insurance

This type of insurance will cover the items that have an extraordinary value, as well as the damage that happened due to natural disasters.  The items of extraordinary value have to be officially appraised and included in the Bill of Landing, too.

Can I pack the insured items?

No. All the items that are covered by the Released Liability and FVP insurance, need to be packed by the moving company. Also, these items need to be unpacked in the same way as well. The reason for that is the moving companies will make sure your items are packed professionally and with proper packing supplies.

On the other hand, DIY packing is not secure enough, especially if you are not experienced or skilled. It’s one of the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company you shouldn’t forget.

Do I have a time limit to file a claim?

Yes. Generally, if you need to file a claim for damaged items, be sure to do it within the 60 days of your moving day. Also, be sure to check your insurance contract, since some companies have different time frames. Our advice is to check the items as soon as you move in and file a claim if necessary immediately after you notice something is damaged or missing. The safest thing is to pick reliable movers who can help you with situations like this. Be sure to learn how to recognize trustworthy moving professionals with ease and avoid any unnecessary problems.

What happens if one item of a set is damaged?

If one item of a set is lost or broken, it’s not the whole set that will be evaluated. Actually, you will be compensated for only the one item that is lost.

How to calculate the value of the items?

moving insurance in Canada costs

This is one of the main puzzles when it comes to moving insurance in Canada. People don’t know what’s the value of their items and entire rooms, so they don’t know what to expect when the time comes to file a claim. To know what is the worth of your items, you need to be prepared in advance. Firstly, if you have an estimate of the weight of your items, you can do some basic calculations for each room. And then, compare the value of the room by checking the items in them. Also, the Internet can be of great help here, too. You can browse the net for the value of specific items. Look them up on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. and see if there are same or at least similar items you can compare your belongings to.

Can I lose coverage because of a change in moving dates?

Well, yes. When it comes to moving insurance in Canada, you need to be very careful with the dates listed in your insurance policy. This means that any change in moving dates can affect your moving insurance and leave your items uncovered. The changes in moving dates can happen for several reasons:

  • extreme weather delays
  • dropping keys on a different day
  • closing dates changes
  • the moving the company itself can postpone the delivery of your items for various reasons.

If any of these happens, be sure to update your policy right away. Contact the insurance company and let them know. Even a day or two can make a huge change and leave you without compensation in case of damage or loss.

Knowing everything about moving insurance in Canada and reading your policy carefully will make sure you have an easy and safe move. Moving an entire home is never easy and cheap, so you need to take care of all the safety bits to avoid additional costs and problems.


Author’s bio

Mary Wilkins is a teacher who loves spending time outdoors with kids. She also writes blogs on different topics and spends time on social networks searching for everyday tips and inspiration.

How to pack your office and what moving supplies you need to have (3)

How to pack your office, and what moving supplies you need

Packing an office space is in many ways different than packing your home. It usually involves a lot of various people, rather than just yourself or your family. Also, the type of items you pack in home relocation and commercial relocation can be very different. Rather than packing clothes and kitchen supplies, here we have a lot of documents, electronics, and office furniture. Furthermore, office relocations are often done in a hurry – there’s a time limit so you minimize the downtime of your business. That’s why it’s important to learn how to pack your office efficiently. In this article, you’ll read some of the best commercial packing tips and find out what moving supplies you need to have to finish this process smoothly.

Packing an office takes time

Even though you need to pack your office in a short period of time – planning it in advance is what will help you out in this situation. The key to efficient packing is having a proper plan and ready packing supplies. If you know where each item goes, you’ll pack items in boxes much more easily. Therefore, be sure to explore the new office space and compare the floor plan, so you know what items should go together in boxes, so unpacking goes without problems as well.


a person writing a note and planning to pack the office with a laptop and a mobile phone on the desk

Don’t pack your office in a hurry, and avoid damaging expensive office items


However, if you happen to have a sudden relocation of your office, rushing it will only cause you problems. Be sure to play it safe and hire a professional relocation company that will pack your belongings in no time. This way, you’ll have a safe, yet efficient relocation without stress.

It’s time to downsize

When you decide to pack your office for a move, you get the perfect chance to declutter it. Removing all the unnecessary items that have piled up over the years might seem like a lot to do at first. But trust us, it’s very efficient and beneficial for your relocation. This kind of a spring clean of your office will help you a lot during and after the move. First, you’ll have fewer items to pack. This results in lower moving costs and less time to finish packing your office. Next, you’ll make more space in the new office and immediately have a clear and more productive environment.

Disassemble the furniture when you need to pack your office

Before you pack things into boxes, be sure to dismantle the office furniture. It will be easier to pack and carry items like desks and bookshelves if they are in pieces. Remove any drawers and empty them. And finally, be sure to label the parts for easier assembling and keep the small parts like screws safe in plastic bags.

Pack electronics safely

Electronic devices such as computers, monitors, and laptops are very delicate and often damaged during transport. That’s why you should do everything to protect them in order to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of important data. Here are some tips on packing electronics:

  • backup, backup, backup – probably the biggest damage in office moves is the loss of important data. So be s
    a laptop with a picture of emails sent to a recycle bin

    Be sure to backup everything before you pack your office for the move

    ure to back up everything, remove the hard discs and bring them with you.

  • remove the ink cartridges from printers – printers usually require extra protection when packing them for transport, so be sure to read the manual.
  • use the boxes that came with the gadgets – you should keep the original boxes and all the additional packing material that came with it, so you have the best possible protection for your items. If you haven’t saved them, be sure to find special computer boxes or at least the boxes that are of appropriate size. Extra space and tumbling are very dangerous.
  • label the cords – use colored stickers to mark the cords so you can easily take them back after the move.
  • wrap everything well – delicate items like monitors should be protected with layers of plastic bubbles.

Packing documents

When you need to pack your office, probably the biggest issues are all those papers and documents you have. First of all, do some decluttering with those, too. Use the shredder to get rid of the papers you don’t need anymore. Next, sort the documents in different piles, from least to most important ones. Use different color folders and label them correctly. The last step is placing those folders into file boxes, and again be sure to label each box so you know how to organize the documents after you move.

a file box is a necessary moving supply when you need to pack your office

One of the most important moving supplies to pack your office is definitely a file box – lots of them

What moving supplies do you need to have to pack your office?

To have a quick and safe packing process, it is essential to be equipped with the right moving supplies. You’ll need:

  • packing paper
  • protective air wrap
  • boxes – different sizes. Be sure to count how many boxes you’ll need, and in what sizes. This way you’ll avoid wasting money on buying more than you need.
  • tape – have duct tape and labeling tape ready, as well as a tape dispenser for more efficient packing.
  • scissors and box cutters (especially important for unpacking)
  • labeling supplies: you can either use some colorful stickers or simply use a sharpie and write directly on the box/folder.
  • a dolly – why carry heavy furniture all the way when you can put it on a dolly and push it to the vehicle?

Don’t forget to clean the office space

Cleaning is the least interesting, yet important part of each move. You need to clean both the old and new office space – or ask/hire someone to do it. Be sure to have a fully cleaned new office and then start unpacking and sorting the items. A fresh start is a great way to start your new work chapter productively!

In the end

Don’t rush! Offices are often complicated to move because many employees are involved, but with the proper planning and organization, everything is possible. Just be sure to let everybody know on time, so they can organize their own relocations, and even help you out if necessary. Teamwork is important in these situations, as well!

Two papers with words bad and good, representing all advantages and the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

Disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

When considering the relocation options, there is always the big question, should you hire a moving company or not? You can find advantages and disadvantages in both cases. However, today I wish to talk about what are the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company. While a DIY move has many perks, I always suggest quality movers, for multiple reasons.

Disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

As someone who moved more than once, I must say that I enjoy the advantages of a moving company. My first relocation was a DIY move, and I did struggle with a lot of things. My primary concern was the lack of time. I didn’t really know what tasks require the most attention, but somehow I pulled it through.

Taught by the previous experience, I hired a moving company for my next move. I had a lovely time with bestcanadianmovers.com, and I decided to share my positive experience. I realize there are many people having the same struggle, so I wish to help everyone by offering a few pieces of advice!

It seems like you are always in a hurry

A girl sitting at her desk and biting a pencil

There is no reason to feel stressed when moving, movers will deal with the problems for you

The most obvious of all the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that it feels like you are always in a hurry. A task after task keeps coming with tremendous speed, and it feels like everything is on your back. Being behind schedule creates that feeling of unease, and it leads to many problems.

The stress level is high

With everything happening around you, your stress levels will rise. Not having a professional by your side means you have to think about every little detail. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and if there is no one to give you advice and moving tips or suggest a better approach to a specific situation, you might crack under pressure. Sure, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it is something that you must have in mind.

You have to arrange everything

I hate to repeat myself, but it is essential that you understand that everything will be on your back. You pay all the expenses, arrange a date, find a vehicle, pack. It gets even trickier if you are selling the place and buying or renting a new apartment. Finally, there comes unpacking. If you are moving on your own, there is no time to rest.

You have less time to relax

A relocation doesn’t have to be something tedious and exhausting. If you are moving across the country, you can actually use this opportunity to enjoy the landscape and make it a fun time. However, if you are moving on your own, you’ll have no time to think about fun. You will be preoccupied with every little detail.

A man checking the time on his watch

One of the disadvantages of not hiring movers is that you’ll constantly have to check if you are on schedule

Moving costs money

I understand we are talking about the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company, but I have to allocate a couple of minutes to make something crystal clear. Yes, moving costs money. You probably went online, visited a bunch of websites, checked out the prices and decided it is too complicated to go with the movers. And, it will be much cheaper! That is true, but there is a reason why movers cost money. The help and the professional service that you buy is worth every penny, it will make your life much easier!

Furthermore, if you are having doubts when deciding which moving company to choose, that shouldn’t discourage you. A website like usamovingreviews.com offers detailed reviews of some of the best movers in the US. Use them to your advantage and find the best movers for your needs!

Packing is tough

If you are still unclear whether you should hire a moving company or not, let’s talk a bit more about what you’re missing. Have you ever packed for a relocation? It is much different than going on a vacation. Moving your entire household requires precise organization and it is time-consuming. Furthermore, you’ll have to invest in quality packing materials. I won’t even start discussing how it feels to move furniture and heavy appliances on your own.

One of the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that you don’t get professional packing services. That was my favorite part when I relocated with movers. They came, packed everything, loaded it onto the truck, and unloaded my belongings after the move.

Do you need storage?

Not hiring movers means you’ll miss the chance to use their storage units. Having storage during a move can be so beneficial, for multiple reasons. You have extra space to keep your stuff if needed. Also, if you have stuff that you still don’t know what to do with, keeping them in storage until you decide is a fantastic option.

People holding each other’s wrists to form a circle

Having a helping hand is much appreciated when moving

Moving estimate

One of the more useful services that a moving company provides is a free moving estimate. They will tell you what is the size of your move, and help you picked the right-sized moving truck. If you do this by yourself, chances are you’ll rent a larger or a smaller truck than you actually need. If you rent a smaller one, you have to move your belongings in two takes or suffer a delay while waiting for a larger one. On another hand, if you hire a larger truck than you need, you are spending a lot of money for nothing.

It is time to decide!

There you have it! If you take into consideration all the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company, the choice becomes pretty clear. However, I can understand that you might have a limited budget that dictates your options. However, it is crucial to know what are the advantages of having movers by your side. Maybe there are some services that you can afford that will make the move easier, and if that is the case, my work is done here!


Can’t Move It? Then Store It!

One thing that we learn about ourselves when moving is how much stuff we really have. Christmas gifts, birthday presents, vacation souvenirs, impulse buys – it all accumulates and we don’t notice until it is time to pack it all up and then carry it somewhere else. But, taking everything when you move is not always an immediate option so, what do you do? Store it!

There are many different reasons why you might find yourself in need of some storage services while moving. Some people are not even aware of how much stuff they have in their possession. When things are spread over the house and stored in off-to-the-side places (basements, garages, attics), it is easy to lose track. Then, after everything is gathered together, they realize that they may have a volume problem. Relocating is a stressful and busy time; putting some of your items into storage will cut down on the volume that needs to be brought to the new home and ease some of that stress. Space may also be an issue in the new home. If your new home is slightly smaller or has less room to store items, a storage space can solve that problem. Storing your items will also give you time if you want to re-imagine your living space and need a holding place until it is finished. Finally, some people look at moving as an opportunity to de-clutter, but they need time to go through everything to decide what they want to sell, keep, or throw away. A storage space is perfect for that.
If you are going to use storage, do it the right way. You don’t want to leave your belongs in some random leaky garage that belongs to your friend’s uncle. Here are a few tips to remember when looking for a good storage spot:

  • Go Professional
    • Some of your friends may offer to keep your belongings in their spaces at a “great” price. Avoid it. What happens if your items are damaged? Will they compensate you? What if you have a fall out? It is always best to avoid mixing business and friendship. A professional storage facility will have the knowledge, responsibility, and background to keep your items safe. Many moving companies will also provide storage services. Always ask.
  • Get Insurance
    • A good storage facility is usually safe and will protect your items from damage and theft. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to protect yourself with insurance.
  • Organize
    • You will make your life much easier if you take the time to sort through your items before you store them and categorize them. Labels can be your best friend in a storage space. You will be happy you did so when you need to find something.
  • Protect Your Belongings
    • A good storage facility will offer some degree of protection. You should still make the effort to wrap and protect your items in strong containers and bags. These small steps will protect them from moisture and dust.

Make your move as painless as possible by using good, reputable movers. Best Canadian Movers is a family owned and operated moving company that services Toronto, Burlington, and the GTA. We have over two decades of experience in moving and storing items. Our storage services can handle commercial and residential storage needs on either a short or long term basis. We offer reasonable prices and promotions. Contact us to find out how we can handle your moving and storing needs.

Moving an Office – The Ins and Outs

We will all face a residential move a few times in our lives. To be precise, the average person will move 11 times in their life time, but that is just moving houses. What about when your office moves? Most people do not think about it, but you should, especially if you are a business owner. You always want to be fully prepared and have the best professionals available to you when you are moving an office. So, let’s talk about some of the things you should expect:

The Easy Stuff
Let’s get this part out of the way first. There are a few things you won’t have to worry about when moving offices. The first one is the labour supply. Everyone knows what a hassle it can be to get people to help you move. You have to promise food, drink, favours… and that still doesn’t often work. Luckily, at the office, you will already have a pool of people who are already being paid to help you. Organize them weeks before the move and have teams who will be responsible for packing, setting up infrastructure, and arranging the new office floor plan. The other thing you don’t have to worry about? Professional movers! At Best Canadian Movers we offer experience and know-how in office relocations.

The Hard Stuff
Now, let’s talk about the harder stuff when it comes to office moving. How much will it cost you? Get an estimate; the best movers will give you a free one. Don’t forget that the move will likely cause a shut down in business. When calculating how long you will need to be closed, it is always better to overestimate than underestimate. It is best to open earlier than expected, rather than later. Finally, packing an office can be a lot more troublesome than a house. Get the professionals to do it! Let Best Canadian Movers pack for you!

Don’t Forget
Here are a few things that you want to remember as well:

  • Have a plan of how you want the new office to look before the furniture arrives,
  • Make a checklist of all the items being moved; task someone with being in charge of the checklist,
  • There will be some unforeseen start-up costs when you relocate; budget for them, and
  • Take the move as an opportunity to downsize some of the items you may have accumulated at the old office

Moving offices can be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be. Planning and selecting a quality moving company will make the switch much smoother. Best Canadian Movers is a family-owned and operated moving company that serves Toronto and the entire GTA. For over two decades, we have built a strong reputation with our customer service and professionalism. Please contact us for more details on how we can make your move the best one possible.

1 http://www.census.gov/hhes/migration/about/cal-mig-exp.html

Tips to Make Moving In and Unpacking Easy

A lot of attention gets paid to the moving out and packing process when you move.  You research moving companies that service where you live in the greater Toronto area, select the best movers that fit your needs, book your moving date and then start figuring out the best way to pack all your items. But what happens once the boxes are packed and the moving company has loaded every last item into the truck?

Having a plan for moving in and unpacking is also really important.  Moving can be an emotional experience and you want to focus on keeping things stress free and easy once the moving company has deposited the last box in your new space.

Best Canadian Movers offers our best tips to help moving in and unpacking a happy time:

  • Pack a weekender bag containing essentials – pajamas, toothbrush, two changes of clothes, electronic devices and chargers, all personal documents, etc. Do this for each member of the family (including pets – bowls, leashes, a few toys) so that you don’t stress about finding what you immediately need right off the bat.
  • Pack items you will need first in clear bins so you can find them easily and unpack them first. Cleaning supplies and essential items like tools to open all your boxes, hand soap, paper towel, toilet paper and garbage bags should be included.
  • If you can, show up to your new place early and clean (at least the kitchen and bathrooms) or have cleaners go in before moving day.
  • Take a photo of your electronics before you disassemble and pack everything so that you know how everything was hooked up. This will make unpacking and moving in electronics a quick and less painful process! But you might want to wait to hook up the television until most boxes are unpacked or it may only serve as a distraction during your work!
  • If possible, order groceries using a delivery service to be delivered late in the day on the day you are moving in and unpacking. Not having to go to the grocery store will take one big thing off your to do list and make sure that there are drinks and food for you and anyone helping you unpack.
  • A top priority should be to unpack and set up your sleeping areas with fresh, clean sheets. You will want to fall into bed after a very busy day and won’t want to be setting up your bed at ten o’clock at night! Use clear plastic bags for each set of fresh linens so you can easily know what set goes with what bed.
  • Unpack the kitchen after tending to the beds. A majority of your boxes will be kitchen related so it will make you feel like you are making progress and you will have space to eat!
  • Flatten and break down boxes as you go. This will help ensure you don’t miss anything when unpacking and helps to clear space.

Settling into a new space can be overwhelming, but we know that these tips will help. Best Canadian Movers is a family owned and operated moving company committed to providing affordable moving service in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and the rest of the GTA. Contact us today for your free moving quote.