A confused woman, representing a question should you help your movers?

Should you help your movers?

When it comes to hiring movers for your relocation, that may be the smartest approach you can take. Sure, it costs money, but the benefits that come with professional help are worth every cent. Nevertheless, you might ask yourself – should you help your movers? Even though they are hired to do all the heavy lifting, you might feel that you need to help as much as you can.

The goal of this article is to show you when you should, and when you should not help out. Let’s begin!

Important things to know

I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional moving company. Relocation will go smooth and quick. When you hire movers, you should be aware of all the benefits they bring to the table:

  • professional, trained employees
  • quick and quality service
  • additional services, like storage units, shipping assistance, vehicle renting, etc.
  • movers remove stress from the picture
  • they always deliver on time

It is also crucial to understand that movers have a working system. They know exactly what needs to be done, and in what way. With that in mind, if you do decide to help them, it should be done in a proper way. The goal is to do everything as quickly as possible but keeping the quality of the service on a high level. Do not be in their way, and create an even bigger project for them.

A drawing of a hand sticking out of a box, holding a lightbulb.

There is a number of great ideas that should help you assist your movers with relocation.

Furthermore, movers are responsible for packing your belongings. Helping them in this process is not always advised. If you pack some of your stuff before they arrive, that might be below their standards. In the end, there might even be an issue if some of the stuff gets damaged. 

With all that has been said, how can you help your movers without being in the way?

Prepare appliances

The first thing you can do to make things easier for your movers is to prepare appliances. That means, unplug all the cables, clean everything that needs to be cleaned. If you have original packaging, have it close by, they might want to use it. Leaving that for the moving day might create delays. Furthermore, if you feel that you are behind schedule, you might try to do it quicker, and end up damaging TV, or something else.

Also, if there is anything that needs to be disassembled, also do it before they arrive. Not only will you save time, but you will also release them from the duty of trying to figure out how it’s done.

Disassemble furniture and other belongings

Whether it is for relocation or for storing your antique furniture and other items, it is crucial to disassemble them before movers arrive. Some people decide to hire professionals for that as well, but it can be done from your end if you want.

Also, if you have other items, like a bicycle, make sure to prepare it for the move. If you don’t have any other means of transportation, you can simply disassemble it, and then assemble after the move.

A drawing of people climbing a mountain by holding hands together.

If you join forces with your movers, the entire relocation will be quick and smooth.

Remove everything from the wall

Another way to help your movers is to remove everything from walls. If you have paintings or other accessories, it would be smart to take them off gradually. You don’t have to do that all in one day. It is also smart to start making piles, for easier packing. Group all paintings in one spot.

Preparing the bedroom

Packing your bedroom can be a tedious job. Furthermore, that is a private place. With that in mind, remove all of your personal belongings, fold the sheets, and strip your mattresses. Your movers will appreciate it if everything is ready for packing.

Clean the refrigerator

Moving a refrigerator can be simple if you do the right steps. First of all, remove all the food. Then, defrost the fridge, and clean it thoroughly. All refrigerators have compartments inside. You can take them out, and also remove any glass panels that may slide. It is possible that those parts get damaged during the move, so it is smart to let the movers pack them separately. Finally, you can tape the fridge door, or it might get open during a bumpy ride.

Preparing the cabinetry

You can apply the same principle to your cabinetry. After you empty everything out, clean it, and tape all the doors. That is the best way to protect drawers, closets, and anything else that may open during the ride. You can also break down all shelves by removing pannels and disassembling them.

A shelve filled with books and figurines.

When the moving day comes, it is not smart to have all of your books and items on shelves. Better remove them upfront.

What to do with a lawnmower or a blower?

If you have a lawnmower or a blower, remember to clean them and drain all the gasoline. Movers cannot transport gas, because that is a safety hazard. Another thing you can do is remove all movable or sharp parts. A lawnmower is not shaped for packing, so you should do everything you can to make that process easier.

Categorize your belongings

When movers arrive, your belongings should already be prepared for packing. While they can help you pack everything, they should not organize your stuff. For that reason, it is better to have all of your items organized and grouped. That way, movers can start packing right away.

A no-touch area

Another reason why the movers shouldn’t organize your belongings for packing is that they don’t know what you want packed. You must have some personal belongings or some stuff that will go with you in the car. That is why it is good to have a dedicated area in the house where you can move everything that should not be packed by movers.

If they have to ask you every five minutes whether they should pack something or not, the entire process can stretch out for a long time.

Movers will appreciate your help

I hope that this article solves the puzzle of whether you should help your movers or not. It is positive that they will appreciate all the help they can get. Ultimately, the goal is to finish relocation as quickly as possible, and without any errors or mistakes. Just follow these simple pieces of advice, and you should be good to go. Good luck!


Moving insurance in Canada - FAQ (3)

Moving Insurance in Canada – what you need to know

Moving house can be very expensive. And if you are buying a new house at the same time, you probably don’t want any additional costs. Wondering whether or not you should opt for moving insurance is a natural thing to do. To make the decision, you need to know all the details about it, so you are aware of its benefits, but also its costs. Here’s everything you need to know about moving insurance in Canada.

Do I really need moving insurance?

Well, depending on how important your items are, moving insurance can be very helpful if anything happens. And accidents do happen, even to the best moving companies. That’s why is much better to be secure and take the insurance if you can afford it at the moment of the move. This way, you’ll make sure that your belongings are protected during transport, and in case any damage happens, it will be covered by the insurance company. So, to protect your moving budget, invest a bit more into the moving insurance and have one less of all the moving headaches.

a broken plate is covered by moving insurance in Canada

a broken plate is covered by moving insurance in Canada

What are my options when it comes to moving insurance in Canada?

There are generally three options to choose from when we talk about moving insurance in Canada. Depending on the value of your items and your budget, you can pick the most suitable solution.

Option one: released liability

The most affordable (actually, free of charge) option is the one that is already included in the moving services you pay. The released value protection type of moving insurance gives you a certain amount of compensation, not the whole sum. Actually, they will pay $0.60 per pound for items, which is not covering the full market value of your belongings. It is based on the weight of the product, which can be a lot less than the product’s value. Also, the sum is even lower when the move is local – $0.30 per pound.

Option two: Full-Value Protection

Full-value protection is a lot different from the previous option in many ways. Firstly, this type of moving insurance in Canada protects the full value of your items, which means that you can get the exact amount of money as the real value of the lost/broken item. Also, there are other solutions, too – your item can be fixed, or substituted with the exact/similar one. The cost of this insurance runs from $8-12 per pound.

Option three – third party insurance

This type of insurance will cover the items that have an extraordinary value, as well as the damage that happened due to natural disasters.  The items of extraordinary value have to be officially appraised and included in the Bill of Landing, too.

Can I pack the insured items?

No. All the items that are covered by the Released Liability and FVP insurance, need to be packed by the moving company. Also, these items need to be unpacked in the same way as well. The reason for that is the moving companies will make sure your items are packed professionally and with proper packing supplies.

On the other hand, DIY packing is not secure enough, especially if you are not experienced or skilled. It’s one of the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company you shouldn’t forget.

Do I have a time limit to file a claim?

Yes. Generally, if you need to file a claim for damaged items, be sure to do it within the 60 days of your moving day. Also, be sure to check your insurance contract, since some companies have different time frames. Our advice is to check the items as soon as you move in and file a claim if necessary immediately after you notice something is damaged or missing. The safest thing is to pick reliable movers who can help you with situations like this. Be sure to learn how to recognize trustworthy moving professionals with ease and avoid any unnecessary problems.

What happens if one item of a set is damaged?

If one item of a set is lost or broken, it’s not the whole set that will be evaluated. Actually, you will be compensated for only the one item that is lost.

How to calculate the value of the items?

moving insurance in Canada costs

This is one of the main puzzles when it comes to moving insurance in Canada. People don’t know what’s the value of their items and entire rooms, so they don’t know what to expect when the time comes to file a claim. To know what is the worth of your items, you need to be prepared in advance. Firstly, if you have an estimate of the weight of your items, you can do some basic calculations for each room. And then, compare the value of the room by checking the items in them. Also, the Internet can be of great help here, too. You can browse the net for the value of specific items. Look them up on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. and see if there are same or at least similar items you can compare your belongings to.

Can I lose coverage because of a change in moving dates?

Well, yes. When it comes to moving insurance in Canada, you need to be very careful with the dates listed in your insurance policy. This means that any change in moving dates can affect your moving insurance and leave your items uncovered. The changes in moving dates can happen for several reasons:

  • extreme weather delays
  • dropping keys on a different day
  • closing dates changes
  • the moving the company itself can postpone the delivery of your items for various reasons.

If any of these happens, be sure to update your policy right away. Contact the insurance company and let them know. Even a day or two can make a huge change and leave you without compensation in case of damage or loss.

Knowing everything about moving insurance in Canada and reading your policy carefully will make sure you have an easy and safe move. Moving an entire home is never easy and cheap, so you need to take care of all the safety bits to avoid additional costs and problems.


Author’s bio

Mary Wilkins is a teacher who loves spending time outdoors with kids. She also writes blogs on different topics and spends time on social networks searching for everyday tips and inspiration.

How to pack your office and what moving supplies you need to have (3)

How to pack your office, and what moving supplies you need

Packing an office space is in many ways different than packing your home. It usually involves a lot of various people, rather than just yourself or your family. Also, the type of items you pack in home relocation and commercial relocation can be very different. Rather than packing clothes and kitchen supplies, here we have a lot of documents, electronics, and office furniture. Furthermore, office relocations are often done in a hurry – there’s a time limit so you minimize the downtime of your business. That’s why it’s important to learn how to pack your office efficiently. In this article, you’ll read some of the best commercial packing tips and find out what moving supplies you need to have to finish this process smoothly.

Packing an office takes time

Even though you need to pack your office in a short period of time – planning it in advance is what will help you out in this situation. The key to efficient packing is having a proper plan and ready packing supplies. If you know where each item goes, you’ll pack items in boxes much more easily. Therefore, be sure to explore the new office space and compare the floor plan, so you know what items should go together in boxes, so unpacking goes without problems as well.


a person writing a note and planning to pack the office with a laptop and a mobile phone on the desk

Don’t pack your office in a hurry, and avoid damaging expensive office items


However, if you happen to have a sudden relocation of your office, rushing it will only cause you problems. Be sure to play it safe and hire a professional relocation company that will pack your belongings in no time. This way, you’ll have a safe, yet efficient relocation without stress.

It’s time to downsize

When you decide to pack your office for a move, you get the perfect chance to declutter it. Removing all the unnecessary items that have piled up over the years might seem like a lot to do at first. But trust us, it’s very efficient and beneficial for your relocation. This kind of a spring clean of your office will help you a lot during and after the move. First, you’ll have fewer items to pack. This results in lower moving costs and less time to finish packing your office. Next, you’ll make more space in the new office and immediately have a clear and more productive environment.

Disassemble the furniture when you need to pack your office

Before you pack things into boxes, be sure to dismantle the office furniture. It will be easier to pack and carry items like desks and bookshelves if they are in pieces. Remove any drawers and empty them. And finally, be sure to label the parts for easier assembling and keep the small parts like screws safe in plastic bags.

Pack electronics safely

Electronic devices such as computers, monitors, and laptops are very delicate and often damaged during transport. That’s why you should do everything to protect them in order to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of important data. Here are some tips on packing electronics:

  • backup, backup, backup – probably the biggest damage in office moves is the loss of important data. So be s
    a laptop with a picture of emails sent to a recycle bin

    Be sure to backup everything before you pack your office for the move

    ure to back up everything, remove the hard discs and bring them with you.

  • remove the ink cartridges from printers – printers usually require extra protection when packing them for transport, so be sure to read the manual.
  • use the boxes that came with the gadgets – you should keep the original boxes and all the additional packing material that came with it, so you have the best possible protection for your items. If you haven’t saved them, be sure to find special computer boxes or at least the boxes that are of appropriate size. Extra space and tumbling are very dangerous.
  • label the cords – use colored stickers to mark the cords so you can easily take them back after the move.
  • wrap everything well – delicate items like monitors should be protected with layers of plastic bubbles.

Packing documents

When you need to pack your office, probably the biggest issues are all those papers and documents you have. First of all, do some decluttering with those, too. Use the shredder to get rid of the papers you don’t need anymore. Next, sort the documents in different piles, from least to most important ones. Use different color folders and label them correctly. The last step is placing those folders into file boxes, and again be sure to label each box so you know how to organize the documents after you move.

a file box is a necessary moving supply when you need to pack your office

One of the most important moving supplies to pack your office is definitely a file box – lots of them

What moving supplies do you need to have to pack your office?

To have a quick and safe packing process, it is essential to be equipped with the right moving supplies. You’ll need:

  • packing paper
  • protective air wrap
  • boxes – different sizes. Be sure to count how many boxes you’ll need, and in what sizes. This way you’ll avoid wasting money on buying more than you need.
  • tape – have duct tape and labeling tape ready, as well as a tape dispenser for more efficient packing.
  • scissors and box cutters (especially important for unpacking)
  • labeling supplies: you can either use some colorful stickers or simply use a sharpie and write directly on the box/folder.
  • a dolly – why carry heavy furniture all the way when you can put it on a dolly and push it to the vehicle?

Don’t forget to clean the office space

Cleaning is the least interesting, yet important part of each move. You need to clean both the old and new office space – or ask/hire someone to do it. Be sure to have a fully cleaned new office and then start unpacking and sorting the items. A fresh start is a great way to start your new work chapter productively!

In the end

Don’t rush! Offices are often complicated to move because many employees are involved, but with the proper planning and organization, everything is possible. Just be sure to let everybody know on time, so they can organize their own relocations, and even help you out if necessary. Teamwork is important in these situations, as well!

A packed cardboard box with a key hanging out of it

How to pack your clothes for moving day

Moving takes a lot of time, and a significant portion of that time needs to be dedicated to packing. When it’s time to pack your clothes, you’ll see that packing clothes comes with its own set of challenges. You’ll need to avoid wrinkles on your clothes, you’ll need to avoid stains, and you’ll also need to do what you can so that unpacking later on isn’t too hard. One of the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that packing will be a lot harder to do. However, if you have plenty of time on your hands, with some effort, you’ll be able to handle packing by yourself.

a donation box

Be kind and donate your unneeded clothes to charity.

Which clothes to pack?

Before you pack your clothes, you’ll first need to decide what to pack. Some clothes that you own you’ll probably never need. We all have a lot of clothes that we’re sorry to get rid of, even though we have outgrown them, they went out of fashion, or there’s a third, equally good reason why we won’t wear them again. Instead of taking such clothes with you, it’s best to somehow get rid of them. There are three convenient ways to do that: you can donate them, you can sell them (online, in vintage shops, or by organizing a garage sale – if you have enough time to do so), or you can simply throw them away.

Then, there are also clothes that you’ll be wearing on the moving day. Apart from having comfortable clothes ready to wear, you should also be prepared for bad weather. So, for example, don’t pack some of the clothes that you’ll be needing if there’s rain on the moving day.

How to sort your clothes?

Once you have decided what to pack, it’s time to move on to the next phase. Probably the most important of all the clothes-related packing tips is to group your clothes in such a way that they will be much easier to unpack once the move is over. There are several criteria by which you can group your clothes.

A sunset in a field

If the weather is warm, you won’t need your winter clothes right away.

  • You can do it based on the season. That way, you’ll be able to easily unpack the clothes that you’ll need right away. If it’s currently summer, you’d be able to postpone unpacking your winter jackets and clothes until later.
  • If you want to avoid wrinkles, you’ll also need to pack your clothes based on their material. Clothes made of cotton and natural fabrics will need to be placed on hangers, and then in a clothing bag. Otherwise, they’re bound to get wrinkled, due to the physical properties of these materials. If you have woolen clothes, you might need a few boxes just for this kind of clothes. As a rule, you’ll need a lot of space for woolen clothes. Finally, group synthetic and polyester clothes together, as they are generally very wrinkle-resistant.
  • Another way to group your clothes is based on the time when you will need them. Namely, pack the clothes you’ll need right away together. Usually, that’ll be less formal clothing, which brings us to…
  • Pack your clothes based on their formality level. Place formal clothes in their moving containers and less formal clothes in other containers.

How to pack your clothes?

There are a few ways to transport your clothes to your new home. Each of them comes with its own specific set of advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully based on your situation.

Pack your clothes in cardboard boxes, just like the man in this picture did.

Cardboard boxes are still the most popular choice.

  • Pack your clothes in cardboard moving boxes. Moving boxes are very handy, as they can be easily labeled based on the criteria we’ve discussed in the previous section of this article. Doing so will make the day after much easier to handle. You’ll just need to have a few things in mind. First of all, you should use a magic marker to write the labels, and you should then protect the labels with tape. That way, your labels won’t get damaged or completely disappear during transportation. Also, always check if the box is too heavy. If it is, it might break, which certainly won’t be good for your clothes that were stored inside. The drawback to cardboard boxes, unfortunately, is that clothes might easily become wrinkled.
  • Instead of regular cardboard boxes, you can use wardrobe boxes. While they are more expensive (you can usually get cardboard boxes for free), wardrobe boxes are great at keeping your clothes crease-free. They are also very convenient – just take the clothes that were hanging in your closet and place them on a similar rod inside the wardrobe box.
  • Luggage and suitcases are also great for shipping your clothes. You’ll know exactly where your clothes are, and your clothes will be safe from any harm. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have a whole lot of suitcases. And the ones you do have, you’ll probably want to use for something else (especially wheeled suitcases, which are useful for transporting heavier items). So, you’ll need to decide by yourself whether you’ll be using luggage for transporting your clothes or boxes will have to do.
  • Then, you also have the option to pack your clothes by using vacuum or garbage bags. These are useful as they will protect your clothes from stains. However, they are also prone to easily getting ripped and they generally offer little protection from damage. What’s more, the attempts to put a few packed vacuum/garbage bags on top of each other are usually very frustrating, as these bags are very slippery.
  • If you have any shoeboxes, we advise packing shoes there so that the rest of your clothes doesn’t get dirty. If you don’t have any shoeboxes, then make sure that your shoes are clean. Also, it’s a good idea to fill the shoes with paper, so that their form remains intact during shipping. Apart from shoes, you should take proper care of hats, too. If you want to avoid them becoming bent, hats will need to be stored in their own large boxes.
Two papers with words bad and good, representing all advantages and the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

Disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

When considering the relocation options, there is always the big question, should you hire a moving company or not? You can find advantages and disadvantages in both cases. However, today I wish to talk about what are the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company. While a DIY move has many perks, I always suggest quality movers, for multiple reasons.

Disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

As someone who moved more than once, I must say that I enjoy the advantages of a moving company. My first relocation was a DIY move, and I did struggle with a lot of things. My primary concern was the lack of time. I didn’t really know what tasks require the most attention, but somehow I pulled it through.

Taught by the previous experience, I hired a moving company for my next move. I had a lovely time with bestcanadianmovers.com, and I decided to share my positive experience. I realize there are many people having the same struggle, so I wish to help everyone by offering a few pieces of advice!

It seems like you are always in a hurry

A girl sitting at her desk and biting a pencil

There is no reason to feel stressed when moving, movers will deal with the problems for you

The most obvious of all the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that it feels like you are always in a hurry. A task after task keeps coming with tremendous speed, and it feels like everything is on your back. Being behind schedule creates that feeling of unease, and it leads to many problems.

The stress level is high

With everything happening around you, your stress levels will rise. Not having a professional by your side means you have to think about every little detail. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and if there is no one to give you advice and moving tips or suggest a better approach to a specific situation, you might crack under pressure. Sure, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it is something that you must have in mind.

You have to arrange everything

I hate to repeat myself, but it is essential that you understand that everything will be on your back. You pay all the expenses, arrange a date, find a vehicle, pack. It gets even trickier if you are selling the place and buying or renting a new apartment. Finally, there comes unpacking. If you are moving on your own, there is no time to rest.

You have less time to relax

A relocation doesn’t have to be something tedious and exhausting. If you are moving across the country, you can actually use this opportunity to enjoy the landscape and make it a fun time. However, if you are moving on your own, you’ll have no time to think about fun. You will be preoccupied with every little detail.

A man checking the time on his watch

One of the disadvantages of not hiring movers is that you’ll constantly have to check if you are on schedule

Moving costs money

I understand we are talking about the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company, but I have to allocate a couple of minutes to make something crystal clear. Yes, moving costs money. You probably went online, visited a bunch of websites, checked out the prices and decided it is too complicated to go with the movers. And, it will be much cheaper! That is true, but there is a reason why movers cost money. The help and the professional service that you buy is worth every penny, it will make your life much easier!

Furthermore, if you are having doubts when deciding which moving company to choose, that shouldn’t discourage you. A website like usamovingreviews.com offers detailed reviews of some of the best movers in the US. Use them to your advantage and find the best movers for your needs!

Packing is tough

If you are still unclear whether you should hire a moving company or not, let’s talk a bit more about what you’re missing. Have you ever packed for a relocation? It is much different than going on a vacation. Moving your entire household requires precise organization and it is time-consuming. Furthermore, you’ll have to invest in quality packing materials. I won’t even start discussing how it feels to move furniture and heavy appliances on your own.

One of the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that you don’t get professional packing services. That was my favorite part when I relocated with movers. They came, packed everything, loaded it onto the truck, and unloaded my belongings after the move.

Do you need storage?

Not hiring movers means you’ll miss the chance to use their storage units. Having storage during a move can be so beneficial, for multiple reasons. You have extra space to keep your stuff if needed. Also, if you have stuff that you still don’t know what to do with, keeping them in storage until you decide is a fantastic option.

People holding each other’s wrists to form a circle

Having a helping hand is much appreciated when moving

Moving estimate

One of the more useful services that a moving company provides is a free moving estimate. They will tell you what is the size of your move, and help you picked the right-sized moving truck. If you do this by yourself, chances are you’ll rent a larger or a smaller truck than you actually need. If you rent a smaller one, you have to move your belongings in two takes or suffer a delay while waiting for a larger one. On another hand, if you hire a larger truck than you need, you are spending a lot of money for nothing.

It is time to decide!

There you have it! If you take into consideration all the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company, the choice becomes pretty clear. However, I can understand that you might have a limited budget that dictates your options. However, it is crucial to know what are the advantages of having movers by your side. Maybe there are some services that you can afford that will make the move easier, and if that is the case, my work is done here!



The importance of choosing a legitimate and professional moving company

A moving company can have a big impact on the quality of your move. If you pick a moving company by looking at the prices and comparing them, you will definitely pick a moving company that is cheap and has some good reviews. At least that’s what happens in most cases. But if you pick a legitimate and professional moving company, your move will be much more stress-free. When people have professionals doing some kind of a job for them, they feel much more relaxed. Especially when we are talking about moving. After all, your belongings cost more than the moving company. So, you might want to hire only the best of the best.

What makes a moving company legitimate?

To know that you are hiring a legitimate and professional moving company you have to look at a lot of factors. Before hiring a moving company, it’s important to make sure the mover is properly licensed and insured. Every state has its own licensing regulations, so you should read up on your state’s requirements to ensure that your local mover is legitimate. Interstate movers are required by law to offer two types of liability options: Full Value Protection and Released Value. So, if the moving company you are thinking about hiring doesn’t offer just one of the two, it’s time to keep looking. Moving companies should be able to provide you with proof of insurance upon request. But don’t let this fear you, there are ways to hire affordable but reliable movers in your area.


Checking for complaints might not sound like a big deal but it really is. And is the kind of research you need to do thoroughly. If a moving company has a website, this is the place to look for the information you need. But if there aren’t any reviews, you might want to keep searching. We think that you shouldn’t be the one who breaks the ice and risks everything just so you can see if the moving company is good. If it was good, it would have at least one good review. So, checking for complaints can be key. If you can’t seem to find a moving company that you can rely on, you can always try moving yourself.

Remember – reviews are important.

How to know if the moving company is professional?

Besides the licenses and insurance, consumers need to use common sense when hiring a moving company. This means checking if the company has a real office and business email address. Another subtle sign that can tell you whether the moving company is professional is if they are wearing uniforms. Uniforms are an important part of this job. So, if the movers seem to be wearing jeans and a shirt – that isn’t a uniform. This is a normal question that you can ask the moving company you’re thinking about moving with.

Other signs of a good moving company

A perfect example of a legitimate and professional moving company is Best Canadian Movers. This company is bonded and insured. It also has hundreds of reviews. And most of them are good. They are a company that is family owned and operated which will make your experience much nicer. Best Canadian Movers have been serving all over Ontario for more than 30 years. That’s exactly why they are considered to be one of the most trusted moving companies. They have a Master Business License and are affiliated with the Canadian Federation Of Independent Business (CFIB).

Having all this information displayed on the company’s website is very important. If you can’t read what they have to say about their own working experience, that is a sign that you shouldn’t hire that company. And because of all this, Best Canadian Movers have been nominated for the 2019 corporate Immigration and relocation award. Hire the moving company that makes you feel secure.

Is hiring a moving company necessary?

It isn’t necessary to hire a moving company if you have already moved before a few times. But even those people who have done it always seem to be hiring moving companies to help them move simply because they know how hard it is to do just that. Moving safely and without stress is almost impossible if you are moving by yourself. Since you have to think about everything and be careful, you will be under constant pressure and worry. Which we don’t recommend ever, especially not when moving.

Being stress-free during a move is very important.

Moving tires the body physically and mentally. And your body needs to be in the best shape possible for the move as you will be running around all the time – from getting the moving supplies to packing and unpacking. This is the time when you will be active, so keep it stress-free during this period. And, luckily, there are ways that you can remove the stress while moving if it appears.


Hiring a moving company is key to a stress-free move. And when hiring the company, you have to make sure that it is a legitimate and professional moving company. There are a lot of signs that show whether you should hire that moving company or not. We believe that by hiring a good company like Best Canadian Movers, you are not only ensuring your belongings but you are ensuring yourself. So, remember to check the reviews and see if they are good and if there are any complaints. Don’t forget that it’s completely normal to ask the moving company about their business and how they work. After all, why would you pay for something and be unsatisfied?

Packing tips for your next move!

When thinking about moving, packing doesn’t really come to mind first. This is true when you are moving for the first time, and did not get to experience the chaos that packing is. The process is long and strenuous, and it will probably take up most of your time. This is because many things go into it. You will need to think about what to pack, then find the appropriate room to pack it. You need to get the packing supplies and finally pack everything. Add to that the worry about whether your stuff will survive the move, and you have your hands full! Luckily, Best Canadian Movers are here to help you with it! Careful planning your household packing process will help you significantly! Find out how to do it in this article!

Create a plan for your household packing process

What is the first thing that you need when you want to organize your household packing process? If you said a packing plan – then you are correct! It’s a great idea to sit down and jot on paper how you want your packing to go. This will help you follow through everything you need. It will also stop you from forgetting something while packing, and you can prepare for the future steps while doing the previous ones. In this way, you will not only save yourself time, but you will also reduce your stress level. You will know exactly how much time you have left for something, so you will be able to speed up or slow down as necessary.

Then, you will want to start gathering your supplies. First, you should consider using apps that are changing the moving industry – many of these can help you during the household packing process as well! Then, you need to get moving boxes. And even though you might be tempted to go for a number of the same-sized ones, it will be a smarter idea to pick boxes of different sizes. This way, you will have a variety of options to pick from – depending on the items you will be packing

After that, all you need to pick are some packing materials. Get some padding supplies and bubble wrap, as well as some nice packing paper. You will also need some newspaper and scissors, as well as markers and tape. When getting the tape, don’t think about saving money too much. Instead, buy a high-quality tape. It is the thing that will make a difference between your things falling out of the boxes and staying in them.

Pack suitcases for your family

The next thing you want to do is pack suitcases for each of your household members. These may be the only items you will have with you during your move, so think carefully about them. Include a personal-sized bar of soap and toothbrushes, towels and razors (as needed), as well as some clothes which each person feels comfortable wearing. You should plan to pack for a couple of days, so include two complete changes of clothes.

If you are traveling with kids, then remember to pack their favorite toys or safety blankets in their suitcase. In case they get too anxious, this will soothe them. All of these suitcases (or boxes) need to be put somewhere safe, so our moving services don’t pick them up when collecting your items. Then, when the moving day arrives, you mustn’t forget to toss them in the car with you!

Set up an area for your household packing process

When you are packing your home, it’s very important that you designate a special area for it. It needs to be wide and open. Not only will you drop a lot of items and packing materials there, but you also need to be able to move around it – and pack your stuff. This area will also be useful in protecting you from losing anything important. Whenever you are looking for something related to packing – you can search in this area.

When actually packing your boxes, you should go room by room. Don’t pack the boxes by their use, or the materials they are made of. This will only make your household packing process take more time. Instead, put everything from the living room (that you are moving) to the designated area, and start packing. After you are done, seal the box and label it with the room name, then move on to the next box.

This is a great tip – and it will be beneficial when unpacking your home. Movers will simply put each box in the room it belongs to. All you will need to do is start unpacking box by box, and bringing life to your new home. What’s more, this method will also help you locate your items. If you need something during the moving process, simply find it in the boxes from its room.


To conclude, packing doesn’t need to be scary. You can simply divide it into separate steps:

  • First, create a plan for your household packing process. Write everything down – from what you are packing and the materials you will need, to the actual packing schedule. Do your best to follow this plan.
  • Then, get the packing supplies you need for your packing.
  • Never forget to pack travel suitcases for each family member. These are a necessity, especially during long moves.
  • Finally, designate an area in your house for packing, and start the process.

By following these steps, you are streamlining the household packing process. Remember, if at any time you feel overwhelmed with it, you can contact us. We will take care of your packing while you do other chores – or rest!


Pros vs. Joes – The Moving Edition

It’s time to move to a new home. Should you hire movers or do it yourself? It’s a simple question, but does not have an easy answer. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages; it is all about what is more important to you: money or time. Let’s take a closer look at the choices so you can get a better idea of what they may or may not offer to you:

Do It Yourself

There is one reason why people usually choose to move themselves: to save money. As we know, moving is not cheap. As the costs rise, people look for ways to cut expenditures. Cutting out the moving team and doing it yourself is a common cost-cutting measure. It can work; you may be able to lower your budget by as much as 50% in some cases. But, don’t think that this means that you now get to move for free. You still need to open your wallet. The biggest cost is going to be a truck rental; you will still need one. Depending on how much you have to move and how heavy your load is, you may have to rent special equipment including ramps, hand-trucks, dollies, and slings. Don’t forget gas for the truck! Though you are saving some money by moving yourself, some of those savings are offset by other necessary expenses.

The other benefit of moving yourself is that you or someone you know will be directly handling your valuables. This makes it easier to keep track of during the move which will save time when organizing at the new home. As well, some people are very particular with how their belongings are handled and prefer if it is some they know and trust who is doing the handling. That level of trust can give peace of mind on moving day. But, don’t forget: you need to gather people to help you move. It might be harder than you realize to find willing volunteers to give up a day to help you move boxes. Not only that, it has to be the right people. Most of your family and friends are not going to be “moving material”.

Hiring Professionals

When hiring professionals, it is important to consider more than just the bottom line. Don’t think of it just as hiring someone to move your stuff; you are hiring them for their experience and know-how. Do you or any of your friends know how to move a king-sized bed down a narrow flight of stairs? Any of your buddies have any idea on how to get a grand piano out of a second-floor room? Professional movers are literally paid to solve these problems. There is also the issue of safety. Movers know how to move things without damaging them or hurting anyone. Moving is tougher than it looks; not just anyone can do it. You are also paying for your time. While the movers do the heavy lifting, your energy and attention can go to all the other things you need to worry about. On the other hand, a moving team is expensive. If you don’t have that many items, you may be able to move everything with a group of friends and a small truck.

Another advantage to hiring movers is that they are insured (the best ones are!). This means that if they break something or do damage to your new home, it will be covered. If your friend drops a marble countertop down your new hardwood stairs, are you really going to sue him to recoup the costs? But, if you get the right friends, you may be more comfortable using someone you know and trust.

It isn’t an easy answer. You have to weigh your options carefully and decide what works best for you. Generally, if it is a small move and you don’t have many heavy things, do it yourself; bigger moves are probably best handled by the professionals.

If you are going professional, you want to hire the best; that’s why you need to call Best Canadian Movers. The premier moving company in Toronto, Brampton, and the Greater Toronto Area, Best Canadian Movers has been offering moving and storage services for over twenty years. Fully bonded, insured, and licensed, we will provide you with a professional, efficient, and friendly moving experience. With our reasonable prices and tryst-worthy team, Best Canadian Movers offers the best of both worlds when it comes to professional and do-it-yourself moving. Contact us today!

What’s Trending in the Moving Industry

What’s new and shaking in the moving world? Like every other one, the moving industry is constantly shifting and morphing to fit the times. The core of moving, the relocation of goods from one location to another, stays static. But, the peripherals of the industry are changing with the times. So, what are the new and exciting trends in moving in 2017? Let’s take a look:

Some Things Never Change

One of the trends that has stayed the same in the moving industry for a long time is the time when people like to move. Traditionally, the months between May and September are the most popular moving months. June 30th and August 1st are the most common moving days every year. The most popular moving day of the week is still Friday, with the rest of the weekend following close behind. What does this mean for you? When booking a moving company, consider the off months and between Monday and Thursday. It will be easier to get a truck and your company might even offer a discount.

Review This!

Although this trend emerged several years ago, the online review culture continues to grow. The opportunity to have their voices heard empowers consumers and has led to the popularity of review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. These sites are appealing to consumers for two reasons: first, they allow consumers to read the reviews, opinions, and experiences of others who used the same services. This gives them the information they need when making a decision on a company. The other thing that consumers like about Yelp-like sites is that they provide an opportunity for the customer to get “justice” when they feel that they have been ripped off or short-changed by a company. What does this mean for moving companies? They need to be honest, transparent, customer-friendly, and keep their promises. A few bad reviews on Yelp can seriously affect a business.

GPS Updates

The growing use of wireless technology continues to be a growing trend in 2017. Booking moving companies online is still the most common use of technology in the industry, but the reliance on global positioning systems (GPS) is quickly growing as companies and consumers see the advantages. By using a GPS system, customers can see exactly where a moving truck is at any time. This is especially advantageous when moving long distances. Real-time updates make customers feel more at ease and allow moving companies to keep a tighter control of their fleet.

Video Quotes

Skype, Facetime, and other video app can make it easier to get a moving quote. Some companies will use this technology to view the home and furniture while still in their office. Based on what they see, they can provide a price for the move. It can be done in under an hour and no one has to go anywhere!

No matter what changes in the moving industry, people still want the basics: professional, efficient, and friendly movers. That’s why you need Best Canadian Movers. Family owned and operated, Best Canadian Movers have been offering premier moving and storage services in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, and Brampton for over twenty years. Contact us today and find out how we can make your move the best one.

Moving Yourself? Better Safe Than Sorry!

“Hey…I can do my own moving. No problem! What’s the worst that could happen?” Well, a strained back, slipped disc, broken fingers, pulled ligaments, and assorted bumps and bruises to start. Moving requires the constant lifting and carrying off heavy objects for an extended period of time. This is the very definition of the word. The description of moving should be enough to tell you that there is some inherent danger involved in the practice. Lifting objects that are too heavy; slippery floors; precarious trips down the stairs; hazardous items; increasing fatigue; poorly packed items falling over in trucks; there are an infinite number of ways to be injured while moving. But, year after year, people try and save a few bucks with do-it-yourself moving. If you insist on moving yourself, at least be careful.

Fragile & Dangerous- Moving Kitchenware

When packing for a move, you need to give special consideration to two kinds of items: breakables and hazardous things. Can you guess which room in your house is going to give the most trouble when moving? The kitchen! To start, a fully-stocked kitchen is going to be full of hundreds of items that need to be packed individually and carefully. It is no problem to throw armfuls of clothes in a suitcase at a time; books can be tossed in boxes without worry of serious damage. Just try doing that with your grandmother’s China bowls. Aside from the sheer quantity of items, many kitchen items are breakable and need to be handled with care. On the other hand, poorly packed kitchen knives can be dangerous during a move.

Question Period- What To Ask Movers Before You Hire Them

We’ve all heard the expression “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer”. But you know what is even sillier? Not asking any question, especially when your money, property, and moving day rides on the answer. You have to be very selective while choosing a mover. There are a lot of rogues, fly-by-night moving companies out there that don’t live up to their promises and give the industry a bad name. But, you can avoid such companies by asking the right questions.

Moving while pregnant or with a newborn? No problem!

Would you rather move while 9 months pregnant? Or with a newborn? That is the burning question every pregnant woman has. When moving during a pregnancy, we have to decide whether we want to move while still pregnant or to wait until the baby arrives. On one hand, moving while pregnant means that you don’t have to attend to an infant and keep your focus on the task at hand. You can delegate and organize, but you can’t really do anything physical. On the other hand, if the child is born, you can do much more physical moving and the job will get done quicker; of course, this is contingent on the baby not needing something! It can be a hard decision either way. However, both babies and moves don’t always adhere to our schedules; sometimes, the decision is made for us. So, it is good to be ready for both:

Moving While Pregnant

Plan to NOT be there– Face it: a pregnant woman does not have complete control of her schedule. Contractions, nausea, fatigue, or…well….childbirth will sometimes take over their day. Make sure that you are not TOO vital to the moving process. There is a decent chance you will need to opt out and let someone else take over.

Timing is everything- Again, it may not be up to you, but if you have an option, aim for the 2nd trimester for moving. You should be past nausea and fatigue, but still able to perform some physical things.

Get help– It is time to cash in on all those favours that are owed to you. Seriously, contact all your family and friends and ask for help. People don’t like to refuse to help a pregnant woman; take advantage of that!

Avoid physical exertion– Work within your limits. Depending on how big you are, some things might be out of reach. If it is tiring or difficult, stop doing it. Ask for help. Don’t be a hero.

Pack a bag– Have a small bag close by you filled with things that you might need. Plenty of water; small snacks; change of clothes; anything that might be helpful and necessary.

Moving With a Newborn

Plan to be busy– Like being pregnant, a new mother is not the master of her schedule. Nursing, swaddling, feeding and many other things may need to be taken care of if a newborn is near. Be close by and help out if you can, but make sure you are not absolutely needed for the move.

Stationary jobs– Do the chores that don’t require you to move around much; pack up one particular room or area. The more stationary you can be, the more you can help out AND take care of your baby.

Short-term Babysitters– If the baby is sleeping or not feeding, maybe ask a friend to stay close by and keep an eye on him/her while you move around the house and do things. Don’t go too far though.

Take rests– If you have just recently given birth, you may not be fully recovered. Drink water and take quiet rests with the baby whenever needed. Don’t over exert yourself.

Have everything handy– Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, change of clothes….have everything you need near you. Pack a small bag and carry it with you throughout the move.

Stick to routines– As we all know, baby routines are very important. Don’t let the move disrupt them. Stick with them as much as humanly possible.

Whether moving while pregnant or with a newborn, you are going to need serious help. Reach out to the Best. At Best Canadian Movers, you will get exactly what you ordered from us with no stress or hassle. Our word is our bond and we have the testimonials to back it up. Offering moving and storage services in Toronto, Mississauga, and Burlington, we have criss-crossed all of Ontario. We have 20 years of good service in the industry and are fully bonded, insured, and licensed. But, actions speak louder than words, so contact us today and find out how we can move you!

Spring (Cleaning) is in the Air

Do you smell that fresh, clean, and moist smell in the air? You know what it means: Spring has finally returned. The snow is melting; the plants are blooming; the animals are waking up, and you are putting away your winter gear and already planning weekend trips. The change of the season brings another tradition: spring cleaning. Believe it or not, spring cleaning is a tradition that can be traced back thousands of years; it is practically in our DNA.[1]It isn’t as fun as picnics and walks in the park, but spring cleaning is important for a number of reasons.

Some Assembly Required

It’s like a giant puzzle. Except that it isn’t fun. And you have to do it. Probably more than once. One of the most annoying parts about moving is the disassembling and reassembling of furniture. Obviously, not all furniture can or needs to be disassembled. Usually, it is the Ikea-style furniture that has become more ubiquitous in the last 15 years that needs to be taken apart before it is placed in the truck. As anyone who has experience with Ikea can tell you, the assembly can be a frustrating experience. But, it is necessary and therefore, we are going to give you some tips on how to make your life easier. Take a look:

Moving – The Day After

Moving Day is always a crazy and hectic time. There is so much activity and so much happening and it seems like it will never end. But, it always does and at the end of the big day, you can sit back with a glass of wine, breathe a sigh of relief, and congratulate yourself and your family for getting through it. You made it alive through moving day and the madness is over. Well, almost. You still have to deal with The Day After. The day after the move, the first day in your new home, is a fantastic opportunity to get started on a good foot. After all, new beginning-new home! But, there is so much to do; where can you start? Well, each family is different and will have their own set of priorities, but here are a few suggestions:

Heavy Furniture – Making It Easy!

What’s the hardest part of moving? Is it organizing your volunteers? Could it be finding the best moving company? How about remembering to change your address and switch all the utilities? Maybe it is packing all the small things that you have accumulated over the years. No one is going to argue; all of these things are annoying. But, they are physically possible. You can do them on your own and without special equipment. The hardest part of moving is the part that requires either superhuman strength or a group of well-trained professionals: the moving of heavy furniture. We all have at least one heavy piece of furniture. Even if you are a self-proclaimed minimalist, you may have a bed, a dining table, or a large cabinet. Sitting in my own living room right now, I can count six items that would be difficult to move. So, what to do about heavy furniture moving? Here are a couple things to consider:

Don’t Be a Hero

Do not put yourself at risk. It is easy to injure yourself while moving heavy furniture. Strained back, pulled muscle, broken toes, bumps & bruises; there are dozens of way to get hurt. Why chance an injury?  Get involved and do what you can, but don’t get hurt. Big or small; old or young; woman or man; we all have our physical limits. Make sure you know yours. Be safe.

Moving Blankets

You have probably seen them before. Thick, durable, and usually blue or black in colour, moving blankets are designed to protect your furniture before a move. Using strong tape, wrap your furniture in the moving blankets. Thick and sturdy, the blankets will help prevent your furniture from being nicked and scrapped along the way. You can also put them under the furniture to avoid scraping floors.

Empty Shelves and Drawers

Taking all your items off of a shelf before moving it should be obvious, but many people still attempt to move drawers and shelves with their items still on/in them. The rational is that it is easier to just move the whole thing rather than clearing the shelf and putting everything back in the new place.  It is a great idea, but only if it works; which it usually doesn’t. No matter how well you secure things and how carefully it is carried, books and other items will come off the shelf. If not when being physically moved, then while in the truck. It will happen. As for the drawers, you may secure the doors so they do not open, but it is going to make the furniture much heavier and more difficult to move, and you risk damaging the items in transit. Bite the bullet and empty those drawers and shelves.

Check the Logistics

To avoid any nasty surprises on moving day, take a look at your furniture and make sure that you are going to be able to easily get it out of the house. It may be possible to do a visual check, but you may want to bring out a measuring tape to be sure. Check and see if everything you need to move will fit out the doors and down the stairs. You may have some items that you actually assembled inside the house and are too big to move out. In cases like this, see if you can get the items out of a window. Consider disassembling the furniture and re-assembling it at your new home. Take drawers out and, if possible, remove legs off of furniture to make it more wieldy. Sometimes all you need is a few inches. If you are in a building, don’t forget to reserve the elevator.

Hire Professionals

You may be able to move some of the heavier items on your own, but other things are going to be impossible, even with a group of friends. Have you ever tried to move a piano? Or a king-sized bed? It isn’t just about safety. If not moved properly, items can be scratched and damaged. Professionals have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to carefully and safely move your large items.

If you are going to hire professionals, then go with the best. Best Canadian Movers has over twenty years of service in the Toronto, Mississauga, and the Greater Toronto Area. Fully bonded, insured, and licensed, Best Canadian Movers can move anything you put in front of us. Let us give you a professional and stress-free moving day. Your valuable possessions are safe with us. Contact us today for an estimate.

Survival Guide for Moving in Winter

Quick! Tell me the best time of the year to move! Chances are that the first answer that popped into your mind was “the summer”. And why wouldn’t it? The summer is a fantastic time for moving. It’s warm; spending a lot of time outside isn’t a chore; you don’t have to contend with the weather; the kids are out of school; and it is easier to get help from your friends. Ideally, everyone would move in the summer! Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of ideal situations; especially if you live in a location where there is snow and ice for five months of the year. We don’t always have the luxury of picking the time of year when we move. Situations (job, school, family additions) will sometimes pick it for us. Winter moving is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be an icy nightmare. Planning and preparation will go far. Let’s take a look at the Winter Moving Survival Guide:

Check the Weather

The climate is going to be your biggest challenge.  It can change everything.  In December 2013, Toronto was hit with an ice storm that crippled the city for days. Ottawa faced a similar storm in 1998. There are dozens of smaller storms every year.  An incoming snow storm may make it unsafe for the moving trucks to be on the road. If switching moving days is not an option, at the very least, you can plan for the storm. So right up to the last moment, be sure to be checking the weather.

Clear the Snow and Ice

More than 30,000 Canadians went to the hospital after slipping on ice in between 2005-2016[1]. In all likelihood, tens of thousands of more people slipped and it was never reported. It has happened to all of us. Now, imagine slipping while carrying a heavy bed frame. Safety is priority on moving day. Clear all of the snow from the steps and the walkway and salt the ice. Don’t start any moving until you are sure it is cleared. Keep a constant watch to make sure no new ice accumulates. Don’t forget to do it at the new place too.

Dress Warmly

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather; dress in layers. Your winter gloves and boots should be warm, but not too bulky. Keep plenty of extra warm clothing and blankets handy in case you need them. Remember to keep your head covered; you will retain more body heat.

Turn Off the Furnace (At Both Places)

This may sound contradictory to the previous entry, but with people constantly going in and out of the house, the furnace is going to be working for nothing. It will just be a waste of money and energy. That being said – set up a few electronic space heaters where people can stand if they need to quickly warm up.

Protect Your Electronics

Delicate electronics don’t like the cold. If the weather is really frigid, your electronic items may be damaged. Wrap your electronics in moving blankets to keep them warm; try and get them into the new place as soon as possible where you can place them near a space heater.

No Children or Pets

Find a place to board your pets during the winter move. The cold will be pretty miserable for them. If your children are older, they can probably help out with the move. But, smaller children are not going to enjoy the move if it is cold. As well, it can be dangerous for them and adds a distraction for you. If possible, find a babysitter on moving day.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Don’t leave anything to chance; more things can go wrong during a winter move. Always have a back-up plan for everything.

Winter moving requires experience, knowledge, and skill. Only the best can do it right. That is why you need Best Canadian Movers. Fully bonded, insured, and licensed, Best Canadian Movers has been serving Burlington, Brampton, Richmond Hill, and the entire Greater Toronto Area for over twenty years.  Snow, ice, cold; we have seen it all and have moved in it all. With Best Canadian Movers, you will get exactly what we promise, regardless of the weather. Contact us today for an estimate!

Move The STRESS Out Of Moving

They say that buying a house is one of the most stressful things that you can ever go through. They are right; it is stressful, but the stress doesn’t end once the deal is signed. The follow-up – the actual move – can be just as stressful; even more so if there are problems. But, unlike purchasing property, you have more control over the moving process. With a little thought and a little planning, you can remove a good portion of the stress from moving. Follow these steps to have a stress-free move:

Take Your Time

A well-organized move takes planning; planning takes time. If it can be helped, avoid a rush-job move. Whenever a move is rushed, things are always forgotten; mistakes are made; and chaos ensues. Before your move, you need to sit down and plan out every aspect of it. The benefit of time gives you time to change your plan and think of things that you had not considered. It just makes good sense. Ideally, you want to give yourself at least 6 months to plan out a move. If it is a little more sudden, then take that extra time in your life to devote to moving. A good plan will alleviate your stress levels on moving day.

Keep Your Documents Together

Bills, agendas, schedules, cheques, identification…moving usually requires many different documents. Losing any of them can lead to problems and stress. No matter how organized you usually are, the chaos involved in moving will always throw you off. You may lose track of things that you would normally be on top of. Get ahead of this by having a specially designated document box or folder that will hold all the papers you will need. This way, you will know wherever everything is when you need it.

Roll With The Punches

Everything won’t go as planned; it rarely does in such large endeavours. What is more important is how you react to it. Don’t lose your head if things go sideways; they probably will at times. Roll with the punches and solve the problem, but keep a cool head. Don’t get too upset; it will be harder for you to solve problems.

Storage Space

Consider getting a storage space for your moving day. You might find out on the day of that everything won’t fit into your new place. You could fall behind schedule and need a fast place to store everything in a rush. Hopefully, you won’t need a storage space, but it is nice to have in your back pocket. Luckily, most good moving companies offer this service.

Ask For Help

No one wants to be the person who bothers their friends for moving help, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. It just makes your life easier. Ask a few of your closest friends and buy them a meal for their help.

Hire Professional Movers

You and your friends may be able to move all of your belongings, but why bother? It is hard, sweaty, and often frustrating work. If you are not careful, things can be broken and people can get injured. Why not let the professionals do the heavy lifting? It just makes good sense. Try Best Canadian Movers. Operating for over two decades, Best Canadian Movers is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed moving company that operates in Toronto, Burlington, and the entire Greater Toronto Area. Employing the best movers and trucks, Best Canadian Movers will always provide you with exactly what you ordered. We promise to make your moving day as stress-free as possible. Contact us today for more information.

How To Prepare Your Family for the Big Move

There’s no point in beating around the bush; let’s just say it as it is – moving is hard on an individual. It can be even harder on a family; especially on a family with young children. Changing schools, packing up belongings, organizing new spaces, trying to navigate in a new town, meeting new people; it can all be very stressful for parents and children. But, moving does not have to be a traumatic family experience. In fact, you can use moving as an opportunity to create new family bonds and spend some time together. Here are a few tips to help you and your kids prepare for the big move:

Why Choose Best Canadian Movers?

Need to know what moving company in the Mississauga area to use for your next move?  While we could certainly give you a long list of reasons why Best Canadian Movers is the right Mississauga moving service for you, we’d prefer to let our customers do the talking!

As a business, there really is nothing better than receiving unsolicited feedback from your customers who take the time to contact you and share how happy they are with your services.  Best Canadian Movers has been in business for more than 20 years, and even still, we are constantly trying to improve what we do for our customers.  We take all feedback, the good and the bad, and use it to learn and further develop our business.

Best Canadian Movers offers both residential and commercial moving services in the Mississauga and Toronto areas and can assist our customers with storage needs too.  Our business focuses on not only properly moving your possessions, but also in having movers who are professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

Read what customer Gillian Carter had to say after her residential move:

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the movers Rob and Junior. They did not waste any time at all. They were professional and pleasant to deal with. I really thought that I could trust them with my belongings no problem. I was completely satisfied with their service and care and the price was reasonable. My parents will be moving as well this year and we would like to request Rob and Junior to help with their move. Please if there is any praise you can give them on behalf of me and my family it would be very appreciated and I thank you for the great service, and I will be contacting you in the near future to book my parents move.”

Best Canadian Movers also provides exceptional service for commercial moves.  Read what Paul Davis Systems thought about their moving experience:

“Dear Best Canadian Movers,

On behalf of Paul Davis Systems of Moncton, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for all the hard work and dependability your company expressed while we were in Ontario. We were there in a time of need for families as houses were flooded and lives were being ruined. Your company stepped up to the plate and helped with returning customers into their homes much faster.

We sincerely appreciated your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.”

– Allie Thomson, Paul Davis Systems of Moncton

We’d love for you or your business to feel as good as these clients do when it comes to moving!  We know that moving can be a stressful time, but the Best Canadian Movers team does everything they can to make moving as efficient and convenient for you as it can be.  Visit our website to read additional customer testimonials and then contact us to get your free moving quote.

How to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

Once you’ve made the decision to move, the list of things that need to get done can seem quite daunting. The best advice is to take the time to make a master list and get everything organized and complete before the moving company shows up with their trucks on moving day.

If selling your house is at the top of the to-do list, how do you get your home ready to be on the market? The world today is a very visual place. Marketing, social media, news – just about everyone uses high quality images to help get their messages across. Selling your home should be no different, so make sure you have some quality photos taken of your home (both indoors and outdoors) to help make the process quick and easy.

How Do You Decide On The Rental Truck Size For A Move?

So you’ve spend some time investigating professional movers in the Mississauga area but you still aren’t sure if hiring a moving service is what you need to do.  Moving can be a very exciting time but there is no way to get around the long list of tasks that come with moving. And with every move comes the following question – should I move myself or hire a moving service?

If you aren’t sure about hiring a moving service, the other option is to do the move yourself.  But how do you know what type of rental truck you would need, what size of truck and how long you would need the truck for?  While doing a DIY move may seem like the more frugal option, there is so much more time and effort that needs to go in to sorting the logistics of moving yourself than people often realize.

What do you need to consider before you rent a moving truck?

Did you know that if you are moving five to seven rooms, you would need a 26 foot truck?  Would you be comfortable driving such a large truck?  Rental truck websites have great information on the cargo interior measurements, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to figure out how to best load your furniture and boxes.

Other considerations include:

  • The distance you are going – Truck rental companies may have limitations to how far of a distance you can travel or whether or not you can cross provinces or states.
  • When you need the truck – Booking a rental truck for moving requires a lot of advanced planning. The right size of truck may not be available when you need it and yet, having to work with a truck that doesn’t accommodate your full load will result in delays and essentially, more work.
  • Insurance – This is a big one – make sure you understand your coverage. The rental truck company will offer you insurance but it is worth looking into what your credit card may offer as well. Does the coverage include property damage or just collision?  Make sure you are fully protected.
  • Additional rental expenses – Rental truck companies may have dollies and pads to help with the move and protect your items but you will have to pay to use them. Keep this in mind when budgeting your move.
  • Weather – Depending on where you are located and what time of year you are moving, be prepared for the weather to impact your moving plans. Do you feel confident to drive a very large truck in the snow or during a rain storm?

At the end of the day, the decision to move yourself or to hire professional movers comes down to time, effort, money and experience.  Moving yourself is stressful and forces you to become an expert in an area that you most likely have little knowledge.  So, what is your time and peace of mind worth to you and your family?

Best Canadian Movers is a family owned and operated professional moving service serving Mississauga customers as well as customers throughout the Ontario region. Our superior customer service is rooted in our consistent effort to satisfy every single customer. Let us help make your move a more enjoyable and less stressful experience – contact Best Canadian Movers for your free quote!

Reasons to Live in Mississauga – Best Canadian Movers

Best Canadian Movers can help you plan your next move!

There are so many reasons why people decide to move – retirement, new job, going to school or perhaps a change in lifestyle. If you’ve made the decision that a relocation is in your future, it can be quite a bit of work to find the location that meets all the needs you are looking for.

Best Canadian Movers is a residential moving company that serves the Mississauga area and can attest to how wonderful the City of Mississauga is – plenty to offer anyone looking for a new place to live!  Listed in the top 60 places to live in Canada, the City of Mississauga has a low crime rate, healthy population growth, a diverse population and a strong public transit system.

If you don’t know much about the City of Mississauga, these highlights are worth considering as you search for your next home.

  • Port Credit, a west end section of Mississauga located along the lakeshore, holds the number seven spot when it comes to best places to retire in Canada. The beautiful trails and parks, along with the vibrant restaurants and events organized by Port Credit’s Business Association are just some of the reasons that make this area a sought after Mississauga location.
  • With more than 20 parks, there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. Many parks include picnic areas, leash free zones and spray pads just to name a few of the well maintained amenities.
  • Mississauga’s cycling network covers more than 400 kilometres of on-road bike lanes, multi-use trails, off-road trails and bike friendly roadways. There are also plans to develop more than 900 kilometres of on and off-road cycling routes in the next 20 years.
  • There is a vast array of culture to be discovered in Mississauga too! From amazing performances at the Living Arts Centre or the Meadowvale Theatre to events at Celebration Square, residents are able to choose from so many options. Mississauga is also home to several fantastic museums.
  • A very long list of Fortune 500 companies have head offices located in Mississauga making it a great location for career advancement.
  • Education is also very accessible in Mississauga with both the University of Toronto and Sheridan College having campuses located in the city.

If Mississauga sounds like the location that will fit your needs, Best Canadian Movers would be happy to help you out! We are affordable Canadian movers serving residential and commercial customers. We know that our expertise will make your moving experience less stressful and more enjoyable – contact us today to arrange your free quote.

The Right Time to Say Good-Bye to Your Home

It is such a big decision; how do you know when the time is right to move? What sign is there to tell you that it is a good time to move and that you aren’t making a big mistake? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magic sign. It is a decision we all have to make our own. But, deep inside, you know when the time is right – we just have to convince ourselves sometimes. However, there are some life situations that might offer hints to you that it may be time to pack up and head off to greener pastures.


It is often said that if you want the answer, follow the money. A sudden – or even slow – increase in your income may dictate that it is time to move to a larger and more expensive home and, if you can afford it, then why not consider it? It works both ways. Your revenue stream may have slowed down and it may not make sense to pay such a high mortgage or rent anymore. Either way, your financial situation is always an important factor.


There are so many variables to this entry. It could be a partner moving in with you; you may have a child on the way; family could be coming for an extended stay; you may decide to bring in a roommate to help with the bills; your parents may move in with you. There are a hundred different ways your family could expand in your home. Even one extra person requires more space and your current home may just not cut it.


You, or a family member, may have an exciting new job or promotion that requires you to relocate. If it’s not a new job, maybe you are just tired of a long commute and want your free time back so decide to move closer to work.

Expanding Lives

A family continually grows even when new members are not being added. I shared a room with my younger sister until I was 6; then, my family moved into a bigger house and I got my own room. As children become teenagers and teenagers become adults, you will find that more space will be needed.

A Fresh Start

For whatever reason, you may feel it is time to freshen up your life and start over again. Starting in a new location will help you move forward without hanging onto the past.


Like individuals and families, neighbourhoods grow as well. But, the change isn’t always for the better. The area that was so nice and quiet five years ago may now be plagued by loud bars, increased traffic, and other issues. It may be time to leave.

The decision to move is a serious one and when you finally make it, you don’t want any additional stress. That’s why it is important to pick out the right moving company. Best Canadian Movers is always the right choice. With 20 years of service in southern Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga and Richmond Hill, Best Canadian Movers can provide you with all of your moving needs including 24/7 service (no extra charge for weekends or holidays),  professional packing and unpacking services, specialized equipment for moving heavy items like pianos, and all sizes of moving trucks. Our courteous and professional team will always make sure that you get exactly what you ordered. Call us today!

Moving Scams and How to Spot Them

Scammers are everywhere. You don’t need me to tell you that. We all know that charlatans are lurking in every corner of society waiting for the moment when they can pounce and squeeze any dollar they can out of us. Though we might always be on our guard, we can still fall victim to their schemes. Unfortunately, scammers seem to have infiltrated the moving industry. Fly-by-night moving “companies” are constantly popping up to plague consumers. Knowledge is your best defense against moving scams. The more you know, the less likely you are to fall victim. First, let’s talk about some of the more commonly-known schemes:

Holding Your Personal Belongings Hostage

This is the most prevalent shady tactic. The company will quote you a lower price, pack up your belongings, and drive off. The next time you hear from them, they will be telling you that the price was actually higher than the quote and start demanding triple or even quadruple than what was originally agreed upon. They will not give up your property until you agree to pay the charges.


This one usually goes hand-in-hand with hostage taking. Again, it will start with a low quote, but there will be hidden charges that you don’t find out about until after they have your items. These charges could include arbitrary things like items were packed “wrong”, things were too heavy, parking was not convenient at your new home, and other silly things. It is just an excuse to get more money from you.

Advance Payment

Sometimes you don’t even see a truck. The company asks for an unusually high deposit; you pay it and then never hear from them again.

Straight-Out Theft

The worst kind of scammers will take your money and then just abandon the (usually rented) truck in a parking lot. Sometimes they even take your personal belongings.

How can you protect yourself from a moving scam? Remember- the power is completely in your hands. No one can force you to sign a contract. Scammers look for three qualities in potential victims: the desire to get a low price; the need for a quick decision; and desperation. Even if you are in dire straits, make your moving decision carefully and thoughtfully. You will avoid more problems. Here are a couple of red flags to look for when selecting a moving company:

  • An extremely low price quote. If it is too good to be true, it probably is!
  • The company has no physical address or it is just a residential home.
  • There is no website; every company has a website in this age.
  • No online reviews.
  • They accept only cash.

Of course, the best way to avoid a moving scam is by going with a moving company that is fully bonded, licensed, and insured who also has a top-notch reputation in Toronto and the surrounding area that can be backed up by  testimonials. Best Canadian Movers is that type of moving company. With over 20 years of service in the southern Ontario area, you will always get what you ordered with Best Canadian Movers. Call us today and we will give you peace of mind about your move.

Moving Headaches – The Toughest Things to Move

At one point, you will just think to yourself “Forget it! I don’t really need this thing anyway!” Then, after remembering the money, time, and even emotional investment you have in an item, you will bite the bullet and find a way to make it work. The word “easy” can never really be used with any part of moving, but some items will pose much more of a challenge. Some are big and bulky, some are fragile, and some might even escape on their own! These items require extra attention and care during the move. In some cases, it might even be wiser to put your move completely into the hands of a professional. Some of these headache items include:


Cats and dogs are not very difficult. You can keep them with you, or if that is not feasible, leave them with a friend or at a kennel. The pets that are difficult to move are the ones that need their homes moved, as well. Aquariums are notoriously difficult to relocate, and water-less tanks (for snakes, reptiles, or tarantulas) are also tricky.  Birds can be moved in their cages by car, but if the trip is long, it will be stress on the animal. Another issue to consider is the risk of escape. Despite all of this, pets can be moved; you will just need to consider your options. Don’t leave it for the last minute.


You cannot simply put a potted plant in the back of a truck. They will probably tip over and not survive. Plus, all of your items will be covered in soil. Smaller plants can simply be moved – pot and all – in your car. Plan ahead by moving the plants from pots to plastic containers, a few weeks before. Clay pots are very heavy and break easily. Don’t water your plants immediately before the move to cut down on unnecessary weight. Remember to unpack them right away and give them a fresh drink in their new space!


The nightmare of all moving items is the piano. Big, bulky, heavy, and full of delicate and small parts, pianos can cause the ultimate headache. Many people give up and simply leave them behind. That is not necessary. First, consult your movers right away so they can prepare. It is strongly recommended that you do NOT try and move a piano yourself. You could damage it or, even worse, someone might get hurt. Leave it to the professionals.

Large House Appliances

Many new homes will come with fridges, stoves, and washer/dryers already installed. However, if you have a custom-made or an especially expensive appliance, you might plan on bringing it with you. Large household appliances are difficult to move because of their size and weight. Another thing to consider is that you may need an expert to disconnect and re-connect some appliances (like dishwashers). Remember that any fuel-powered appliances or tools will need to be drained completely of gas before being moved.

Art & Family Heirlooms

These items are a challenge because of their fragility and the inability to replace them. You may want to move any art or family heirlooms in your car. Wrap pieces in blankets, towels or special packing paper, if possible, and be very careful when packing and loading them on your own.

The best way to move any headache item is by working with the professionals. At Best Canadian Movers, we will pack, move, and unpack all of the items at your request (including pianos!). Our courteous, prompt, and experienced staff will make sure all of your items are packed and wrapped up properly with clean-padded blankets and shrink wrap, and fragile items are packed with tissue paper. You can rely on Best Canadian Movers. Call us today!

Don’t Forget The Garage

You are going to forget. People always do. And when you finally remember, you will have wished you had done it months earlier. It is one the most irritating parts of moving: the garage. Occupying a unique place in our house and minds, the garage is often the home of seasonal items (sleds, Christmas decorations, sports equipment), transportation (motorcycles, bicycles), building material (tools, lumber), and items we do not want to keep in the house (paint, flammables). It also becomes the final resting place of things we have forgotten and things we want to forget (but can’t quite throw away). Since we usually only think of it when we need something, the garage is also often overlooked in the initial moving stages. It is a problem that is not going to go away. Many of the items in the garage will need some special attention. Take a look at some of our garage-moving tips and you will be ready to face the problem head-on:

Get Started Early

Packing up the garage is going to take some time. Remember: it is one of the biggest open “rooms” in the house, is full of stuff, and is likely unorganized. Give yourself a few weeks, at least and, if possible, tackle it in the fall, spring or summer. Packing the garage will be all the more difficult if the temperatures are dipping below zero.


Moving is a great time to start sorting through your items and getting rid of the things you don’t use anymore that are just taking up space. Do you really plan on using that VCR again? How about those text books from your college years? Or the skates you haven’t worn since the winter of 1997? There is no point in moving things to a new place if you are NOT going to use them.

Hazardous Materials

There will be some things that moving companies cannot take due to safety concerns.  These may include propane containers, oxygen tanks, fireworks, matches, solvents, and industrial chemicals. If you are not sure, ask. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Take extra precautions when moving tools. Tools are expensive and can hurt people if not packed properly. Use large plastic baggies for the smaller tools and items. Wrap bladed items in towels and moving blankets – taking time to make sure the blades are securely covered. Make sure any fuel-powered tools are completely drained of gas. Don’t forget to drain the lawnmower and BBQ, as well.


If you need to move vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats), consult your moving company and find out their individual policies.

Let the Pros Do It!

If the task is just too daunting or time-consuming, let the pros do it! An experienced moving company will know how to pack up your garage quickly, safely, and efficiently which will free up your time to take care of everything else. Best Canadian Movers is your best bet for a moving company in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA. Fully bonded, licensed, and insured, Best Canadian Movers will provide you with exactly what you need: courteous and professional movers who you can trust, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We also have packing and unpacking services. Give us a call today to find out how we can help with your garage and all areas of your home!

Leave No Mess Behind – Why Leaving Your Old House in Good Shape Matters to You

Moving – there is always SO MUCH to worry about. Is everything packed properly? Will the movers be on time? Will the new place be ready? Where will the children stay during the move? Are we forgetting anything? At least you don’t have to worry about the state of the house that you are LEAVING behind? After all, that is the problem of the new owners, right? Wrong! How you leave your previous home is very important. Important enough to have possible financial and legal ramifications that can come back to haunt you like a ghost. Let’s talk about how to leave a house after you leave and why you should do so.

Check your purchase agreement again. You may find that you are obligated to clean up the home before you completely leave. Failing to do so could lead to a lawsuit or other issues. While it is unlikely that you would find yourself in court for failing to sweep up, why take that chance? Many home purchasers will expect the home to be “broom clean” when they take possession of a property. “Broom clean” simply means that the home has been cleared of all belongings and garbage and that the floors have been swept (or carpets have been vacuumed). Doing this simple task will fulfill your end of most purchase agreements. It is always a good idea to maintain a decent relationship with the new owners of your previous home. Maybe packages meant for your family will still be delivered to your old home; or perhaps you forgot something in the basement or garage. The new owners will be more inclined to help out if they are happy with the condition of the home when you left it. Finally, leaving a home in a clean state after moving is common decency. Nobody wants to go through all the trouble of packing and moving only to find a big mess once they get to their final destination. A little effort will go a long way.

So, what do you have to do to leave a home in “broom clean” condition? As it turns out, not a lot! It does not have to be a roof-to-basement scrub-down; just the basics:

  • Clear the entire house (including walls) of all personal property. If they didn’t buy it, don’t leave it!
  • Take out all the garbage.
  • Vacuum the floors and carpets.
  • Scrub the tubs, sinks, and bathrooms.
  • Wipe down the cabinets, cupboards and counters (watch for errant food particles).
  • Clean all the appliances that come with the house.

Understandably, you may not be in the mood to do any cleaning after a tough day of moving. Consider hiring a cleaning company to do it for you. Your moving company should be able to recommend one.

Looking for more tips and help with your move? Talk to us at Best Canadian Movers. With over 20 years of providing moving and storage services in Burlington and Toronto, Best Canadian Movers will help you with your moving and storage needs for every step of the way. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, you will always feel that you property is being treated with the respect it deserves. Take a look around at our site for our services, testimonials, and some helpful moving tips Contact us today!

Best Canadian Movers is a fully licensed, bonded and insured moving company and our staff is well trained in the art of moving and to be tentative to your needs. Our fleet of moving trucks undergo inspection prior to every move and we not only meet, but exceed all necessary insurance requirements.

“Did You Remember To…?”- Things to do Before Moving Day

“I feel like I have forgotten something!” These are words that are often spoken in the middle of a move. Even if not spoken out loud, the nagging feeling of leaving something behind or an errand unfinished will haunt us throughout the day as we try and complete the 101 other things that need to be done during a move. If we really do forget to do something, it will eventually rear its head at the most inopportune time. Maybe you forgot to set up electricity at the new place. You may have neglected to inform the credit companies about your move and the new occupants will receive your bills (they won’t pay them, unfortunately!). It could have slipped your mind that you need someone to watch the children on the big day and now you have to keep them entertained. It could also be dozens of other things. Moving is a complex process with many, many moving parts, making it easy to overlook things. The best thing to do is plan ahead. Here are important things you do not want to miss:

Make a List

About three months before you move, make a list very similar to this one of all the things that need to be taken care of. Make sure to list everything that comes to mind (you can always edit it later). Get it started early so you can add things as time moves on.

Calculate Your Costs

Figure out roughly how much the move is going to cost. Make sure to include start-up costs at the new place. There will always be expenses that pop up or that you weren’t expecting. That’s fine, but by doing early estimates you can get a rough idea of the cost.

Book a Moving Company

Find a good moving company early in the process. Don’t leave it for the last minute. You are entrusting this company with your valuables, so make sure you get a moving company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. Ask for testimonials from previous customers. Do your research. You can start right here .

Tell Everyone

Credit card companies, banks, utility companies, schools, employers, family, friends….make sure you inform everyone of your new address. It is annoying to have to go back and collect mail at your old place.

The Big Dump

Moving is an excellent time to go through all of your items and decide what you really need and what can be purged. Think about it: if you aren’t using it now, do you really want to lug it over to your new house so you won’t use it there either? Go through everything and decide what you want to keep, what you want to sell, what you want to give away, and what you want to toss out.

Pack What You Aren’t Using Right Now

Winter (or summer clothes), Christmas trees, bikes, sleds… if you aren’t using it now, why not pack it up early? The more you do now, the less you have to do on moving day. If you have early possession of the new house, bring some things over by car a few days before.

Prep Your New Place

Set up the electricity, heat/AC, water, and internet a few days before you arrive. You do not want to have to worry about all that after a tough day of moving.

Want to get started on your move today? Call Best Canadian Movers and we will help get you started. With over 20 years of experience in the Brampton and Burlington areas, we are a fully bonded, insured, and licensed moving company. We are professional and will make your big moving day as easy as possible. Contact us today!