How to pack your office, and what moving supplies you need

Packing an office space is in many ways different than packing your home. It usually involves a lot of various people, rather than just yourself or your family. Also, the type of items you pack in home relocation and commercial relocation can be very different. Rather than packing clothes and kitchen supplies, here we have a lot of documents, electronics, and office furniture. Furthermore, office relocations are often done in a hurry – there’s a time limit so you minimize the downtime of your business. That’s why it’s important to learn how to pack your office efficiently. In this article, you’ll read some of the best commercial packing tips and find out what moving supplies you need to have to finish this process smoothly.

Packing an office takes time

Even though you need to pack your office in a short period of time – planning it in advance is what will help you out in this situation. The key to efficient packing is having a proper plan and ready packing supplies. If you know where each item goes, you’ll pack items in boxes much more easily. Therefore, be sure to explore the new office space and compare the floor plan, so you know what items should go together in boxes, so unpacking goes without problems as well.


a person writing a note and planning to pack the office with a laptop and a mobile phone on the desk

Don’t pack your office in a hurry, and avoid damaging expensive office items


However, if you happen to have a sudden relocation of your office, rushing it will only cause you problems. Be sure to play it safe and hire a professional relocation company that will pack your belongings in no time. This way, you’ll have a safe, yet efficient relocation without stress.

It’s time to downsize

When you decide to pack your office for a move, you get the perfect chance to declutter it. Removing all the unnecessary items that have piled up over the years might seem like a lot to do at first. But trust us, it’s very efficient and beneficial for your relocation. This kind of a spring clean of your office will help you a lot during and after the move. First, you’ll have fewer items to pack. This results in lower moving costs and less time to finish packing your office. Next, you’ll make more space in the new office and immediately have a clear and more productive environment.

Disassemble the furniture when you need to pack your office

Before you pack things into boxes, be sure to dismantle the office furniture. It will be easier to pack and carry items like desks and bookshelves if they are in pieces. Remove any drawers and empty them. And finally, be sure to label the parts for easier assembling and keep the small parts like screws safe in plastic bags.

Pack electronics safely

Electronic devices such as computers, monitors, and laptops are very delicate and often damaged during transport. That’s why you should do everything to protect them in order to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of important data. Here are some tips on packing electronics:

  • backup, backup, backup – probably the biggest damage in office moves is the loss of important data. So be s
    a laptop with a picture of emails sent to a recycle bin

    Be sure to backup everything before you pack your office for the move

    ure to back up everything, remove the hard discs and bring them with you.

  • remove the ink cartridges from printers – printers usually require extra protection when packing them for transport, so be sure to read the manual.
  • use the boxes that came with the gadgets – you should keep the original boxes and all the additional packing material that came with it, so you have the best possible protection for your items. If you haven’t saved them, be sure to find special computer boxes or at least the boxes that are of appropriate size. Extra space and tumbling are very dangerous.
  • label the cords – use colored stickers to mark the cords so you can easily take them back after the move.
  • wrap everything well – delicate items like monitors should be protected with layers of plastic bubbles.

Packing documents

When you need to pack your office, probably the biggest issues are all those papers and documents you have. First of all, do some decluttering with those, too. Use the shredder to get rid of the papers you don’t need anymore. Next, sort the documents in different piles, from least to most important ones. Use different color folders and label them correctly. The last step is placing those folders into file boxes, and again be sure to label each box so you know how to organize the documents after you move.

a file box is a necessary moving supply when you need to pack your office

One of the most important moving supplies to pack your office is definitely a file box – lots of them

What moving supplies do you need to have to pack your office?

To have a quick and safe packing process, it is essential to be equipped with the right moving supplies. You’ll need:

  • packing paper
  • protective air wrap
  • boxes – different sizes. Be sure to count how many boxes you’ll need, and in what sizes. This way you’ll avoid wasting money on buying more than you need.
  • tape – have duct tape and labeling tape ready, as well as a tape dispenser for more efficient packing.
  • scissors and box cutters (especially important for unpacking)
  • labeling supplies: you can either use some colorful stickers or simply use a sharpie and write directly on the box/folder.
  • a dolly – why carry heavy furniture all the way when you can put it on a dolly and push it to the vehicle?

Don’t forget to clean the office space

Cleaning is the least interesting, yet important part of each move. You need to clean both the old and new office space – or ask/hire someone to do it. Be sure to have a fully cleaned new office and then start unpacking and sorting the items. A fresh start is a great way to start your new work chapter productively!

In the end

Don’t rush! Offices are often complicated to move because many employees are involved, but with the proper planning and organization, everything is possible. Just be sure to let everybody know on time, so they can organize their own relocations, and even help you out if necessary. Teamwork is important in these situations, as well!