Disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

When considering the relocation options, there is always the big question, should you hire a moving company or not? You can find advantages and disadvantages in both cases. However, today I wish to talk about what are the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company. While a DIY move has many perks, I always suggest quality movers, for multiple reasons.

Disadvantages of not hiring a moving company

As someone who moved more than once, I must say that I enjoy the advantages of a moving company. My first relocation was a DIY move, and I did struggle with a lot of things. My primary concern was the lack of time. I didn’t really know what tasks require the most attention, but somehow I pulled it through.

Taught by the previous experience, I hired a moving company for my next move. I had a lovely time with bestcanadianmovers.com, and I decided to share my positive experience. I realize there are many people having the same struggle, so I wish to help everyone by offering a few pieces of advice!

It seems like you are always in a hurry

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There is no reason to feel stressed when moving, movers will deal with the problems for you

The most obvious of all the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that it feels like you are always in a hurry. A task after task keeps coming with tremendous speed, and it feels like everything is on your back. Being behind schedule creates that feeling of unease, and it leads to many problems.

The stress level is high

With everything happening around you, your stress levels will rise. Not having a professional by your side means you have to think about every little detail. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and if there is no one to give you advice and moving tips or suggest a better approach to a specific situation, you might crack under pressure. Sure, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it is something that you must have in mind.

You have to arrange everything

I hate to repeat myself, but it is essential that you understand that everything will be on your back. You pay all the expenses, arrange a date, find a vehicle, pack. It gets even trickier if you are selling the place and buying or renting a new apartment. Finally, there comes unpacking. If you are moving on your own, there is no time to rest.

You have less time to relax

A relocation doesn’t have to be something tedious and exhausting. If you are moving across the country, you can actually use this opportunity to enjoy the landscape and make it a fun time. However, if you are moving on your own, you’ll have no time to think about fun. You will be preoccupied with every little detail.

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One of the disadvantages of not hiring movers is that you’ll constantly have to check if you are on schedule

Moving costs money

I understand we are talking about the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company, but I have to allocate a couple of minutes to make something crystal clear. Yes, moving costs money. You probably went online, visited a bunch of websites, checked out the prices and decided it is too complicated to go with the movers. And, it will be much cheaper! That is true, but there is a reason why movers cost money. The help and the professional service that you buy is worth every penny, it will make your life much easier!

Furthermore, if you are having doubts when deciding which moving company to choose, that shouldn’t discourage you. A website like usamovingreviews.com offers detailed reviews of some of the best movers in the US. Use them to your advantage and find the best movers for your needs!

Packing is tough

If you are still unclear whether you should hire a moving company or not, let’s talk a bit more about what you’re missing. Have you ever packed for a relocation? It is much different than going on a vacation. Moving your entire household requires precise organization and it is time-consuming. Furthermore, you’ll have to invest in quality packing materials. I won’t even start discussing how it feels to move furniture and heavy appliances on your own.

One of the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company is that you don’t get professional packing services. That was my favorite part when I relocated with movers. They came, packed everything, loaded it onto the truck, and unloaded my belongings after the move.

Do you need storage?

Not hiring movers means you’ll miss the chance to use their storage units. Having storage during a move can be so beneficial, for multiple reasons. You have extra space to keep your stuff if needed. Also, if you have stuff that you still don’t know what to do with, keeping them in storage until you decide is a fantastic option.

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Having a helping hand is much appreciated when moving

Moving estimate

One of the more useful services that a moving company provides is a free moving estimate. They will tell you what is the size of your move, and help you picked the right-sized moving truck. If you do this by yourself, chances are you’ll rent a larger or a smaller truck than you actually need. If you rent a smaller one, you have to move your belongings in two takes or suffer a delay while waiting for a larger one. On another hand, if you hire a larger truck than you need, you are spending a lot of money for nothing.

It is time to decide!

There you have it! If you take into consideration all the disadvantages of not hiring a moving company, the choice becomes pretty clear. However, I can understand that you might have a limited budget that dictates your options. However, it is crucial to know what are the advantages of having movers by your side. Maybe there are some services that you can afford that will make the move easier, and if that is the case, my work is done here!