How to move with pets

We all know that a single experience with relocation is more than enough to realize how complicated, stressful and challenging this process is. Unsurprisingly, it affects the whole family and each family member copes with the changes in a specific way. In our strivings to prepare our family for the big move the best we can, we sometimes forget to prepare our pets for the big event as well. So, what is the most effective and yet the least stressful strategy to move with pets? Here are some tips and hints on the subject.

Preparations to move with pets

When you have to move with pets, you need to add a considerable number of tasks to the standard moving checklist. Preparing your moving plan in writing and sticking to it is one of the approaches to move the stress out of moving that guarantees success. In addition, having enough time to orchestrate the whole process is also very important. Hence, start with the preparations well in advance and eliminate the potential problems.

Choose pet-friendly accommodation for your new home

As soon as your decision to move is made final, start the search for a pet-friendly new home. Should you choose to live in an apartment in a building, check whether there are any restrictions concerning pets. On the other hand, if you opt for a new house, the most reasonable choice is the one with a decent backyard. The adaptation to the new environment can be a real hardship for both people and their pets. Try your best to make this period least harsh on your animal friends.

A visit to your vet is a must prior to the move with pets

Once you decide it is the right time to say goodbye to your current home, take your pet to the vet to make sure it is healthy and ready to move. This visit is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, you will know that your beloved pet can handle travel without any major difficulties. Secondly, you can get the necessary medications and prescriptions for the first period at the new address. Finally, you can possibly obtain recommendations for a new experienced and respectable vet in your new city of residence.

Take your pet to the vet prior to the move. Alt,tag: a vet examining a puppy because this is a regular check prior to the move with pets

Prepare appropriate travel crates to move with pets safely

It is essential to keep your pets safe while traveling to your new home. Furthermore, it will give you a perfect opportunity to concentrate on the road and avoid getting distracted. So, providing a travel crate of the appropriate size is the top priority. Also, to make the time in the crate least stressful to your pet, start applying crate training techniques at least a month before the moving date. This way, the chances of having unpleasant surprises during the move are the slightest.

Pack the items your pet will need during the travel

Moving headaches are very often caused by packing. Both suitable packing techniques and the space you need for your items seem to be the problem. Moreover, when you move with pets, you have to focus not to forget packing their essentials box as well. Pack everything you think your pet might need during the travel. Most often, these items include enough food, a lot of water, some medications, a favorite toy, and a blanket. Should something unexpected come up, you will be prepared to handle these inconveniences promptly.

Search for the most convenient route to your new home location

When you move with pets, search for the most convenient route to your new home location Alt.tag: a white car on a map

If you move with pets and you still want to drive to your new home, conducting research to find the most convenient route to your new home location is a must. Understandably, moving locally won’t be too challenging. On the other hand, when moving long distance, it would be sensible to explore some of the popular routes for your cross country relocation. These are convenient to use,  but they might be crowded during the peak-season.

When you move with pets, don’t forget about the necessary paperwork

As one might expect, moving locally is considerably less difficult to organize and conduct. However, when moving across the state lines, you will have to prepare all the necessary documents to be able to take your pets across the borders. Each country has its own set of regulations on this point, but the most common compulsory documents include:

  • Vaccination record
  • The International Health Certificate
  • The printed health records – While these are not compulsory, they are highly recommended.
  • Microchipping and ID cards – These are very useful if lose your pet or it gets stolen. Having these means it will be much easier to reach your pet again.
  • A photograph of your pet – No country requires this in order to let your pet enter the country, but it will help you immensely if your pet gets lost.

How to arrange travel to your new home when moving with pets?

This mission is not that difficult as one might assume. The key is to stick to the everyday routine as much as possible. While traveling to your new home, frequent breaks are inevitable when you move with pets. They need fresh air and a chance to go for short walks in order to reduce anxiety. If they get restless during the drive, their favorite toy might help considerably. Generally, the rule of thumb everyone should apply in these circumstances is to respect your pet’s needs if you want to have a problem-free move.

Make frequent breaks when you move with pets. Alt.tag: a boy, a girl and their dog sitting at a cafe

Post relocation period – what now?

The period of adjustment is what both you and your pet will have to go through. As you probably know, moving does not end when your belongings are safe and sound at the new address. It ends the moment you recognize the need to call your new place of residence a home. When you move with pets, things are not much different. They need their standard everyday routine to feel secure and happy. Explore the new neighborhood together. Hopefully, there will be a nice, green park which is likely to become your favorite spot. Should you approach the whole adventure with enthusiasm, your move will be a joyous, life-changing event.