Packing tips for your next move!

When thinking about moving, packing doesn’t really come to mind first. This is true when you are moving for the first time, and did not get to experience the chaos that packing is. The process is long and strenuous, and it will probably take up most of your time. This is because many things go into it. You will need to think about what to pack, then find the appropriate room to pack it. You need to get the packing supplies and finally pack everything. Add to that the worry about whether your stuff will survive the move, and you have your hands full! Luckily, Best Canadian Movers are here to help you with it! Careful planning your household packing process will help you significantly! Find out how to do it in this article!

Create a plan for your household packing process

What is the first thing that you need when you want to organize your household packing process? If you said a packing plan – then you are correct! It’s a great idea to sit down and jot on paper how you want your packing to go. This will help you follow through everything you need. It will also stop you from forgetting something while packing, and you can prepare for the future steps while doing the previous ones. In this way, you will not only save yourself time, but you will also reduce your stress level. You will know exactly how much time you have left for something, so you will be able to speed up or slow down as necessary.

Then, you will want to start gathering your supplies. First, you should consider using apps that are changing the moving industry – many of these can help you during the household packing process as well! Then, you need to get moving boxes. And even though you might be tempted to go for a number of the same-sized ones, it will be a smarter idea to pick boxes of different sizes. This way, you will have a variety of options to pick from – depending on the items you will be packing

After that, all you need to pick are some packing materials. Get some padding supplies and bubble wrap, as well as some nice packing paper. You will also need some newspaper and scissors, as well as markers and tape. When getting the tape, don’t think about saving money too much. Instead, buy a high-quality tape. It is the thing that will make a difference between your things falling out of the boxes and staying in them.

Pack suitcases for your family

The next thing you want to do is pack suitcases for each of your household members. These may be the only items you will have with you during your move, so think carefully about them. Include a personal-sized bar of soap and toothbrushes, towels and razors (as needed), as well as some clothes which each person feels comfortable wearing. You should plan to pack for a couple of days, so include two complete changes of clothes.

If you are traveling with kids, then remember to pack their favorite toys or safety blankets in their suitcase. In case they get too anxious, this will soothe them. All of these suitcases (or boxes) need to be put somewhere safe, so our moving services don’t pick them up when collecting your items. Then, when the moving day arrives, you mustn’t forget to toss them in the car with you!

Set up an area for your household packing process

When you are packing your home, it’s very important that you designate a special area for it. It needs to be wide and open. Not only will you drop a lot of items and packing materials there, but you also need to be able to move around it – and pack your stuff. This area will also be useful in protecting you from losing anything important. Whenever you are looking for something related to packing – you can search in this area.

When actually packing your boxes, you should go room by room. Don’t pack the boxes by their use, or the materials they are made of. This will only make your household packing process take more time. Instead, put everything from the living room (that you are moving) to the designated area, and start packing. After you are done, seal the box and label it with the room name, then move on to the next box.

This is a great tip – and it will be beneficial when unpacking your home. Movers will simply put each box in the room it belongs to. All you will need to do is start unpacking box by box, and bringing life to your new home. What’s more, this method will also help you locate your items. If you need something during the moving process, simply find it in the boxes from its room.


To conclude, packing doesn’t need to be scary. You can simply divide it into separate steps:

  • First, create a plan for your household packing process. Write everything down – from what you are packing and the materials you will need, to the actual packing schedule. Do your best to follow this plan.
  • Then, get the packing supplies you need for your packing.
  • Never forget to pack travel suitcases for each family member. These are a necessity, especially during long moves.
  • Finally, designate an area in your house for packing, and start the process.

By following these steps, you are streamlining the household packing process. Remember, if at any time you feel overwhelmed with it, you can contact us. We will take care of your packing while you do other chores – or rest!