What’s Trending in the Moving Industry

What’s new and shaking in the moving world? Like every other one, the moving industry is constantly shifting and morphing to fit the times. The core of moving, the relocation of goods from one location to another, stays static. But, the peripherals of the industry are changing with the times. So, what are the new and exciting trends in moving in 2017? Let’s take a look:

Some Things Never Change

One of the trends that has stayed the same in the moving industry for a long time is the time when people like to move. Traditionally, the months between May and September are the most popular moving months. June 30th and August 1st are the most common moving days every year. The most popular moving day of the week is still Friday, with the rest of the weekend following close behind. What does this mean for you? When booking a moving company, consider the off months and between Monday and Thursday. It will be easier to get a truck and your company might even offer a discount.

Review This!

Although this trend emerged several years ago, the online review culture continues to grow. The opportunity to have their voices heard empowers consumers and has led to the popularity of review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. These sites are appealing to consumers for two reasons: first, they allow consumers to read the reviews, opinions, and experiences of others who used the same services. This gives them the information they need when making a decision on a company. The other thing that consumers like about Yelp-like sites is that they provide an opportunity for the customer to get “justice” when they feel that they have been ripped off or short-changed by a company. What does this mean for moving companies? They need to be honest, transparent, customer-friendly, and keep their promises. A few bad reviews on Yelp can seriously affect a business.

GPS Updates

The growing use of wireless technology continues to be a growing trend in 2017. Booking moving companies online is still the most common use of technology in the industry, but the reliance on global positioning systems (GPS) is quickly growing as companies and consumers see the advantages. By using a GPS system, customers can see exactly where a moving truck is at any time. This is especially advantageous when moving long distances. Real-time updates make customers feel more at ease and allow moving companies to keep a tighter control of their fleet.

Video Quotes

Skype, Facetime, and other video app can make it easier to get a moving quote. Some companies will use this technology to view the home and furniture while still in their office. Based on what they see, they can provide a price for the move. It can be done in under an hour and no one has to go anywhere!

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