Fragile & Dangerous- Moving Kitchenware

When packing for a move, you need to give special consideration to two kinds of items: breakables and hazardous things. Can you guess which room in your house is going to give the most trouble when moving? The kitchen! To start, a fully-stocked kitchen is going to be full of hundreds of items that need to be packed individually and carefully. It is no problem to throw armfuls of clothes in a suitcase at a time; books can be tossed in boxes without worry of serious damage. Just try doing that with your grandmother’s China bowls. Aside from the sheer quantity of items, many kitchen items are breakable and need to be handled with care. On the other hand, poorly packed kitchen knives can be dangerous during a move.

Here are a few tips for packing kitchenware:

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives need to be properly wrapped to avoid injury and damage to the knives themselves. The two key things are packing them tightly (but not too tightly) and strong material. Separate your knives into different groups by size and sharpness. The smaller knives can be packed together; the big kitchen knives should be packed individually. It is a good idea to double wrap the knives with strong packing paper and bubble wrap. Keep the wrapping in the place with packing tape. Pack the knives together in a very strong box that is also filled with bubble wrap. Make sure the knives are snug enough that they won’t move around, but not crammed in so they risk puncturing the box. Make sure the top is taped, securely shut and clearly label the box as knives.


There is no set way to pack dishes; but generally, you need a lot of packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper (newspaper works well). The best way to pack dishes is using a special box called a dish box. Made of durable and strong cardboard, dish boxes are specifically designed with special partitions for packing dishes during a move. They often come with special coverings for the dishes. They will cost a little more but can be worth it. If you are using regular boxes, wrap each dish with bubble wrap and stack them carefully in a box. Don’t over pack and use lots of newspaper as a buffer.  You don’t want too many dishes in the box as they will knock together; but if there is too much space, they may slide around and break during the move.


Like dishes, you can get special boxes for moving glassware. If not, use a standard box with plenty of bubble wrap and newspaper. When stacking glasses just make sure that you put paper in the glasses themselves to prevent them from chipping.


Because they aren’t fragile and do not pose much of a risk, packing utensils are not as much of a challenge. The only risk is that they get lost. While each fork does not have to be individually wrapped, try to keep all the utensils in a box that has a padded surface. You don’t want them moving around too much and damaging the box; picking up forks and spoons off the floor of a moving truck is something you really don’t want to do on moving day.

Pots & Pans

The biggest issue with moving pots and pans is the size and fact that they can be unwieldy. Unless dropped from a far height, they are unlikely to be damaged. The best way to move them is to use reinforced cardboard. Stack them if you can, but don’t make the box too heavy.

Small Appliances

Toasters, blenders, microwaves, toaster ovens and other appliances are not difficult to move. Disconnect all power sources and clean your small appliances before moving. If possible, disassemble them, and it may prevent damage. If you have the original boxes, use it for your appliances; if not, any box of the appropriate size will suffice. Remember packing paper and bubble wrap!

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