Moving while pregnant or with a newborn? No problem!

Would you rather move while 9 months pregnant? Or with a newborn? That is the burning question every pregnant woman has. When moving during a pregnancy, we have to decide whether we want to move while still pregnant or to wait until the baby arrives. On one hand, moving while pregnant means that you don’t have to attend to an infant and keep your focus on the task at hand. You can delegate and organize, but you can’t really do anything physical. On the other hand, if the child is born, you can do much more physical moving and the job will get done quicker; of course, this is contingent on the baby not needing something! It can be a hard decision either way. However, both babies and moves don’t always adhere to our schedules; sometimes, the decision is made for us. So, it is good to be ready for both:

Moving While Pregnant

Plan to NOT be there– Face it: a pregnant woman does not have complete control of her schedule. Contractions, nausea, fatigue, or…well….childbirth will sometimes take over their day. Make sure that you are not TOO vital to the moving process. There is a decent chance you will need to opt out and let someone else take over.

Timing is everything- Again, it may not be up to you, but if you have an option, aim for the 2nd trimester for moving. You should be past nausea and fatigue, but still able to perform some physical things.

Get help– It is time to cash in on all those favours that are owed to you. Seriously, contact all your family and friends and ask for help. People don’t like to refuse to help a pregnant woman; take advantage of that!

Avoid physical exertion– Work within your limits. Depending on how big you are, some things might be out of reach. If it is tiring or difficult, stop doing it. Ask for help. Don’t be a hero.

Pack a bag– Have a small bag close by you filled with things that you might need. Plenty of water; small snacks; change of clothes; anything that might be helpful and necessary.

Moving With a Newborn

Plan to be busy– Like being pregnant, a new mother is not the master of her schedule. Nursing, swaddling, feeding and many other things may need to be taken care of if a newborn is near. Be close by and help out if you can, but make sure you are not absolutely needed for the move.

Stationary jobs– Do the chores that don’t require you to move around much; pack up one particular room or area. The more stationary you can be, the more you can help out AND take care of your baby.

Short-term Babysitters– If the baby is sleeping or not feeding, maybe ask a friend to stay close by and keep an eye on him/her while you move around the house and do things. Don’t go too far though.

Take rests– If you have just recently given birth, you may not be fully recovered. Drink water and take quiet rests with the baby whenever needed. Don’t over exert yourself.

Have everything handy– Diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, change of clothes….have everything you need near you. Pack a small bag and carry it with you throughout the move.

Stick to routines– As we all know, baby routines are very important. Don’t let the move disrupt them. Stick with them as much as humanly possible.

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