Spring (Cleaning) is in the Air

Do you smell that fresh, clean, and moist smell in the air? You know what it means: Spring has finally returned. The snow is melting; the plants are blooming; the animals are waking up, and you are putting away your winter gear and already planning weekend trips. The change of the season brings another tradition: spring cleaning. Believe it or not, spring cleaning is a tradition that can be traced back thousands of years; it is practically in our DNA.[1]It isn’t as fun as picnics and walks in the park, but spring cleaning is important for a number of reasons. One reason is that it sets a regular date when you clean and purge your unused items. If our chores are set to a schedule, we are more likely to do them. Another reason spring cleaning is important is that it really is necessary. The cleaning and purging will make you and your home feel refreshed. Also, if you are planning on moving at some point, cleaning up now will make your life much easier when it is time to move. After all, who wants to clean up years of dirt and junk on top of all the other moving chores? Let’s talk about a few of the main projects you want to tackle during spring cleaning:

The Garage

It is the graveyard of the home where we place items that we don’t really use that often but aren’t ready to throw out. Broken things that we don’t know how to dispose of often make their way to the garage, as well. Of course, the garage is also the home of many useful things including cars, lawn mowers, bicycles, sports equipment, and other tools. But, generally, the garage gets pretty messy during the year because we aren’t afraid of people seeing it. Clean the garage and get rid of all of the things you have been meaning to.

The Basement

The other Island for them is fit items in your house. Your basement will be like your garage; some useful items amidst a lot of junk. Get rid of it too!


Go through the closets and identify the clothes you are wearing and what you can give away. Go by the rule that if you haven’t worn it for a year, you are giving it away.

Unused Items

This could be anything you don’t use anymore: electronics, household appliances, tools, sports equipment, and even furniture. If you aren’t using it, why is it taking up the valuable space in your home?

The Wipe-Down

The dusting and washing of all the accumulated dirt, grime, and general filth from the year can be the toughest and most time-consuming chore of spring cleaning. But, don’t do it half-way; there is no point in starting if you aren’t going to do the whole thing. Make sure to get the ceiling, the windows, the blinds, under furniture, and beneath the stove and the fridge. Clean everything!

Don’t Forget About:

The Yard– You’ve done the inside of the house; now take care of the outside. The front yard is the first thing a potential buyer will see.

The Car– How much dirt, food wrappers, and lost gloves have accumulated in your car? Get a vacuum and clean it up and air it out.

The Fridge– You probably aren’t going to eat that jar of pickles that expired in 2014. You would be amazed how much room you can make in your fridge with a thorough cleaning.

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