Moving – The Day After

Moving Day is always a crazy and hectic time. There is so much activity and so much happening and it seems like it will never end. But, it always does and at the end of the big day, you can sit back with a glass of wine, breathe a sigh of relief, and congratulate yourself and your family for getting through it. You made it alive through moving day and the madness is over. Well, almost. You still have to deal with The Day After. The day after the move, the first day in your new home, is a fantastic opportunity to get started on a good foot. After all, new beginning-new home! But, there is so much to do; where can you start? Well, each family is different and will have their own set of priorities, but here are a few suggestions:

Check the Utilities

To be honest, this should be done as you enter the home. Check the water, lights, and air conditioning/heat to make sure everything has been set up. Do it as soon as you arrive on moving day so you can contact the companies if needed.

The Essentials

Unpack the essential items that make your life a little more comfortable. Get the bathroom ready so everyone can take a shower (moving can be dirty and sweaty). Next, get the kitchen set up so you can make food. Anything that is essential for living, get it unpacked right away.

The Kids’ Rooms

Unpacking toys and video game systems may feel like a low-priority item. But, think it through. Getting your children’s rooms and items finished early gives them something to do and keeps them from being underfoot. The next couple of days are going to be busy; keep the kids occupied.

Go Shopping

Most people don’t move much food with them; they just finish off what is left and throw away the rest. You will probably need to make a big shopping trip in order to re-stock your cupboards and fridge. Try and do it all in one shot so you don’t have to go back to the grocery store for a week; you already have a lot on your plate.


This one might seem obvious, but many people are so worn out from the move that they decide to unpack “later”. This “later” can sometimes go from a few days to a few months very quickly. I can personally attest to this; in my last apartment, I had things packed up for 5 years. Just get it done!

Explore The Area

One of the best parts about moving to a new area is walking around and discovering the little secrets and spots that it holds. Go with the entire family and try to make an afternoon out of it. See what treasures your new home has to share. If the weather is not cooperating, take a drive through the new neighbourhood; the sooner you develop a link to the area the easier it will be to adjust; especially for children.


Have a celebratory dinner with your family in the new house! Don’t go out; eat and celebrate in the house. If you have children, get their favourite meal. Having a new home is exciting and time for a celebration. If there is any resentment from family members about the move, keeping positive will help dispel those feelings in time.

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