Heavy Furniture – Making It Easy!

What’s the hardest part of moving? Is it organizing your volunteers? Could it be finding the best moving company? How about remembering to change your address and switch all the utilities? Maybe it is packing all the small things that you have accumulated over the years. No one is going to argue; all of these things are annoying. But, they are physically possible. You can do them on your own and without special equipment. The hardest part of moving is the part that requires either superhuman strength or a group of well-trained professionals: the moving of heavy furniture. We all have at least one heavy piece of furniture. Even if you are a self-proclaimed minimalist, you may have a bed, a dining table, or a large cabinet. Sitting in my own living room right now, I can count six items that would be difficult to move. So, what to do about heavy furniture moving? Here are a couple things to consider:

Don’t Be a Hero

Do not put yourself at risk. It is easy to injure yourself while moving heavy furniture. Strained back, pulled muscle, broken toes, bumps & bruises; there are dozens of way to get hurt. Why chance an injury?  Get involved and do what you can, but don’t get hurt. Big or small; old or young; woman or man; we all have our physical limits. Make sure you know yours. Be safe.

Moving Blankets

You have probably seen them before. Thick, durable, and usually blue or black in colour, moving blankets are designed to protect your furniture before a move. Using strong tape, wrap your furniture in the moving blankets. Thick and sturdy, the blankets will help prevent your furniture from being nicked and scrapped along the way. You can also put them under the furniture to avoid scraping floors.

Empty Shelves and Drawers

Taking all your items off of a shelf before moving it should be obvious, but many people still attempt to move drawers and shelves with their items still on/in them. The rational is that it is easier to just move the whole thing rather than clearing the shelf and putting everything back in the new place.  It is a great idea, but only if it works; which it usually doesn’t. No matter how well you secure things and how carefully it is carried, books and other items will come off the shelf. If not when being physically moved, then while in the truck. It will happen. As for the drawers, you may secure the doors so they do not open, but it is going to make the furniture much heavier and more difficult to move, and you risk damaging the items in transit. Bite the bullet and empty those drawers and shelves.

Check the Logistics

To avoid any nasty surprises on moving day, take a look at your furniture and make sure that you are going to be able to easily get it out of the house. It may be possible to do a visual check, but you may want to bring out a measuring tape to be sure. Check and see if everything you need to move will fit out the doors and down the stairs. You may have some items that you actually assembled inside the house and are too big to move out. In cases like this, see if you can get the items out of a window. Consider disassembling the furniture and re-assembling it at your new home. Take drawers out and, if possible, remove legs off of furniture to make it more wieldy. Sometimes all you need is a few inches. If you are in a building, don’t forget to reserve the elevator.

Hire Professionals

You may be able to move some of the heavier items on your own, but other things are going to be impossible, even with a group of friends. Have you ever tried to move a piano? Or a king-sized bed? It isn’t just about safety. If not moved properly, items can be scratched and damaged. Professionals have the experience, knowledge, and equipment needed to carefully and safely move your large items.

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