How Do You Decide On The Rental Truck Size For A Move?

So you’ve spend some time investigating professional movers in the Mississauga area but you still aren’t sure if hiring a moving service is what you need to do.  Moving can be a very exciting time but there is no way to get around the long list of tasks that come with moving. And with every move comes the following question – should I move myself or hire a moving service?

If you aren’t sure about hiring a moving service, the other option is to do the move yourself.  But how do you know what type of rental truck you would need, what size of truck and how long you would need the truck for?  While doing a DIY move may seem like the more frugal option, there is so much more time and effort that needs to go in to sorting the logistics of moving yourself than people often realize.

What do you need to consider before you rent a moving truck?

Did you know that if you are moving five to seven rooms, you would need a 26 foot truck?  Would you be comfortable driving such a large truck?  Rental truck websites have great information on the cargo interior measurements, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to figure out how to best load your furniture and boxes.

Other considerations include:

  • The distance you are going – Truck rental companies may have limitations to how far of a distance you can travel or whether or not you can cross provinces or states.
  • When you need the truck – Booking a rental truck for moving requires a lot of advanced planning. The right size of truck may not be available when you need it and yet, having to work with a truck that doesn’t accommodate your full load will result in delays and essentially, more work.
  • Insurance – This is a big one – make sure you understand your coverage. The rental truck company will offer you insurance but it is worth looking into what your credit card may offer as well. Does the coverage include property damage or just collision?  Make sure you are fully protected.
  • Additional rental expenses – Rental truck companies may have dollies and pads to help with the move and protect your items but you will have to pay to use them. Keep this in mind when budgeting your move.
  • Weather – Depending on where you are located and what time of year you are moving, be prepared for the weather to impact your moving plans. Do you feel confident to drive a very large truck in the snow or during a rain storm?

At the end of the day, the decision to move yourself or to hire professional movers comes down to time, effort, money and experience.  Moving yourself is stressful and forces you to become an expert in an area that you most likely have little knowledge.  So, what is your time and peace of mind worth to you and your family?

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