The Right Time to Say Good-Bye to Your Home

It is such a big decision; how do you know when the time is right to move? What sign is there to tell you that it is a good time to move and that you aren’t making a big mistake? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magic sign. It is a decision we all have to make our own. But, deep inside, you know when the time is right – we just have to convince ourselves sometimes. However, there are some life situations that might offer hints to you that it may be time to pack up and head off to greener pastures.


It is often said that if you want the answer, follow the money. A sudden – or even slow – increase in your income may dictate that it is time to move to a larger and more expensive home and, if you can afford it, then why not consider it? It works both ways. Your revenue stream may have slowed down and it may not make sense to pay such a high mortgage or rent anymore. Either way, your financial situation is always an important factor.


There are so many variables to this entry. It could be a partner moving in with you; you may have a child on the way; family could be coming for an extended stay; you may decide to bring in a roommate to help with the bills; your parents may move in with you. There are a hundred different ways your family could expand in your home. Even one extra person requires more space and your current home may just not cut it.


You, or a family member, may have an exciting new job or promotion that requires you to relocate. If it’s not a new job, maybe you are just tired of a long commute and want your free time back so decide to move closer to work.

Expanding Lives

A family continually grows even when new members are not being added. I shared a room with my younger sister until I was 6; then, my family moved into a bigger house and I got my own room. As children become teenagers and teenagers become adults, you will find that more space will be needed.

A Fresh Start

For whatever reason, you may feel it is time to freshen up your life and start over again. Starting in a new location will help you move forward without hanging onto the past.


Like individuals and families, neighbourhoods grow as well. But, the change isn’t always for the better. The area that was so nice and quiet five years ago may now be plagued by loud bars, increased traffic, and other issues. It may be time to leave.

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