Moving Headaches – The Toughest Things to Move

At one point, you will just think to yourself “Forget it! I don’t really need this thing anyway!” Then, after remembering the money, time, and even emotional investment you have in an item, you will bite the bullet and find a way to make it work. The word “easy” can never really be used with any part of moving, but some items will pose much more of a challenge. Some are big and bulky, some are fragile, and some might even escape on their own! These items require extra attention and care during the move. In some cases, it might even be wiser to put your move completely into the hands of a professional. Some of these headache items include:


Cats and dogs are not very difficult. You can keep them with you, or if that is not feasible, leave them with a friend or at a kennel. The pets that are difficult to move are the ones that need their homes moved, as well. Aquariums are notoriously difficult to relocate, and water-less tanks (for snakes, reptiles, or tarantulas) are also tricky.  Birds can be moved in their cages by car, but if the trip is long, it will be stress on the animal. Another issue to consider is the risk of escape. Despite all of this, pets can be moved; you will just need to consider your options. Don’t leave it for the last minute.


You cannot simply put a potted plant in the back of a truck. They will probably tip over and not survive. Plus, all of your items will be covered in soil. Smaller plants can simply be moved – pot and all – in your car. Plan ahead by moving the plants from pots to plastic containers, a few weeks before. Clay pots are very heavy and break easily. Don’t water your plants immediately before the move to cut down on unnecessary weight. Remember to unpack them right away and give them a fresh drink in their new space!


The nightmare of all moving items is the piano. Big, bulky, heavy, and full of delicate and small parts, pianos can cause the ultimate headache. Many people give up and simply leave them behind. That is not necessary. First, consult your movers right away so they can prepare. It is strongly recommended that you do NOT try and move a piano yourself. You could damage it or, even worse, someone might get hurt. Leave it to the professionals.

Large House Appliances

Many new homes will come with fridges, stoves, and washer/dryers already installed. However, if you have a custom-made or an especially expensive appliance, you might plan on bringing it with you. Large household appliances are difficult to move because of their size and weight. Another thing to consider is that you may need an expert to disconnect and re-connect some appliances (like dishwashers). Remember that any fuel-powered appliances or tools will need to be drained completely of gas before being moved.

Art & Family Heirlooms

These items are a challenge because of their fragility and the inability to replace them. You may want to move any art or family heirlooms in your car. Wrap pieces in blankets, towels or special packing paper, if possible, and be very careful when packing and loading them on your own.

The best way to move any headache item is by working with the professionals. At Best Canadian Movers, we will pack, move, and unpack all of the items at your request (including pianos!). Our courteous, prompt, and experienced staff will make sure all of your items are packed and wrapped up properly with clean-padded blankets and shrink wrap, and fragile items are packed with tissue paper. You can rely on Best Canadian Movers. Call us today!